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Investors trading with global broker IG Markets can automatically import trades in stocks and ETFs to their Sharesight portfolio, giving them access to Sharesight’s award-winning performance, dividend tracking and tax reporting features. With support for more than 170 leading global brokers, plus automatically updated price and dividend information on over 240,000 stocks, ETFs and mutual/managed funds, Sharesight allows investors to effortlessly track all of their investments in one place.

Who is IG Markets?

Founded in 1974, IG Markets is a UK-based broker with an online trading platform that also operates in Australia, allowing investors to trade in assets such as shares, ETFs, CFDs and Forex. The platform gives investors access to 17,000 global markets, with the ability to trade in currencies such as AUD, GBP and USD. Other key features include free trading courses and webinars, an interactive forum for IG Markets customers, as well as the ability to simulate trades using a demo account.

Why you should track IG Markets trades with Sharesight

By importing your IG Markets trades to Sharesight, you can easily track your investment performance across different brokers, asset classes and markets, or leverage Sharesight’s advanced performance and tax reporting designed for the needs of self-directed investors.

Unlike the data provided by most brokers, Sharesight takes into account the impact of capital gains, dividends, brokerage fees and currency fluctuations when calculating returns – giving investors the full picture of their portfolio’s performance. Sharesight also offers a range of powerful reports for investors including Performance, Portfolio Diversity, Contribution Analysis, Multi-Currency Valuation and Future Income (upcoming dividends). The ability to track cash accounts, property and even cryptocurrency is just another reason that investors should consider using Sharesight to track their investment portfolio.

How to import your IG Markets trades to Sharesight

Sharesight allows you to import your historical and ongoing IG Markets trades made in AUD, GBP and USD through the Trade Confirmation Emails feature, or you can choose to manually import your historical trades by uploading a spreadsheet file. Keep reading to learn more.

Use Sharesight’s Trade Confirmation Emails feature for ongoing trades

Sharesight’s Trade Confirmation Emails feature is an effortless way to import historical and ongoing trades to a Sharesight portfolio. By simply having your broker’s trade confirmations forwarded to your unique Sharesight email address, all of your trades are synced to your portfolio, inclusive of corporate actions such as dividends, mergers and stock splits, with no effort on your part.

Note: Sharesight supports price and performance tracking for stocks, ETFs and managed funds. We do not support tracking for CFDs.

Help us add support for IG Markets’ global trade confirmations

Sharesight currently supports IG Markets’ trade confirmations for stocks and ETFs made by Australian clients in AUD, GBP and USD. If you would like us to add support for IG Markets trade confirmations in more countries, leave us a message in the chat interface located at the bottom-right of Sharesight, or let us know at the Sharesight Community. All we will need is some sample buy and sell trade confirmations (email or PDF) and the email the broker sends them from.

Start tracking your IG Markets trades with Sharesight

Thousands of investors like you are already using Sharesight to manage their investment portfolios. What are you waiting for? Sign up and:

  • Track all of your investments in one place, including stocks, ETFs, mutual/managed funds, property and even cryptocurrency

  • Automatically track your dividend and distribution income from stocks, ETFs and mutual/managed funds

  • Run powerful reports built for investors, including Performance, Portfolio Diversity, Contribution Analysis, Future Income and Multi-Currency Valuation

  • See the true picture of your investment performance, including the impact of brokerage fees, dividends, and capital gains with Sharesight’s annualised performance calculation methodology

Sign up for a FREE Sharesight account and get started tracking your investment performance (and tax) today.

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