Best Bitcoin Faucet 2016

Best Bitcoin Faucet

What is the best Bitcoin faucet of 2016? In short we believe the best Bitcoin faucet in 2016 is at Crypto-Games! This article will explain the key components of a good faucet, why we think Crypto-Games has the best one around today, and how their faucet level system works.

If you have no idea what a bitcoin faucet is, here’s a quick definition:

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A bitcoin faucet is a reward system on a website or app that rewards its viewers or users in the form of a small amount of bitcoins. Bitcoins are typically given to visitors to claim in exchange for completing a captcha or task as described on the website.

components of a good faucet

Not all faucets are created equal. some sites give as little as 100 satoshi and others as much as 20,500 satoshi when you hit the right level.

some allow you to claim the faucet every few minutes, while others every few hours. some do not allow you to withdraw for a long period of time and others allow you to use your bitcoins immediately.

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We believe there are 3 key components to a good faucet which include; (1) the size of the faucet; (2) how often you can claim the faucet; and (3) how easy it is to remove the faucet.

why crypto-games has the best bitcoin faucet of 2016

In our experience reviewing bitcoin gambling sites, we have tried many different faucets. most range from 200 satoshi to 1000 satoshi and you can claim every few minutes.

Now crypto games have a starting faucet level of 1,000 satoshi that can be claimed 15 times a day and goes all the way up to 20,500 satoshi that can be claimed 60 times a day!

The reason we like the faucet so much in crypto gaming is how easy it is to use, get enough bitcoins to withdraw your money, and how easy it is to increase the size of your faucet. just by talking in the chat, referring people, visiting the site regularly, investing in the bankroll or gambling on the site, your faucet will grow rapidly.

At the time of writing crypto-games-faucet in this article, we are at level 10 on the faucet level. We got to this level by investing in the bankroll, talking in the chat, referring players, visiting the site for 45 days and of course playing on the site.

In total, we have withdrawn approximately 0.019 bitcoins just by using the faucet. the image to the left shows some of our latest faucet recalls.

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Level 10 faucet means we can claim 4300 satoshi every 3 minutes and up to 25 times a day. currently the site has a minimum withdrawal of 100,000 satoshi or 0.001 bitcoins. This means that almost every day, if we use the faucet, we can reach the 100,000 satoshi required for a withdrawal.

level up faucet in crypto games

Below is a screenshot showing exactly what is required to level up in crypto games. the ticks are all the elements that we have obtained to reach level 10:

Best Bitcoin Faucet

In total we wagered over 0.5 Bitcoins which added one level. We have invested over 2 Bitcoins which has added six levels. Our referred players have wagered over 0.001 Bitcoins which added one level.

We have sent more than 800 messages in the chat which added another level. finally we have been active for more than 14 days adding another level. these all add up to level 10 or 4300 satoshi on faucet.

As you level up, you’ll see your faucet level increase, from 1,000 satoshi at level zero to 20,500 satoshi at level 35.

As an added bonus in cryptocurrency games, users of different currencies can also claim the faucet. there are currently 7 different currencies you can claim a faucet in!

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