Bitcoin Poker – Top 10 sites accepting Crypto deposits 2022!

Several years ago, the idea of ​​using bitcoin to play poker online was simply a fantasy. in 2022, however, it is now a reality at many poker sites. the bitcoin digital cryptocurrency makes things convenient for both players and poker rooms because it enables fast transactions with relative anonymity and low fees. This is especially helpful for fans of online poker in restrictive markets like America, Australia, and Canada because otherwise they would have to wait a long time for payouts to arrive and sometimes pay substantial late fees.

We have compiled a short and simple list of the top poker sites that accept bitcoin serving the usa. uu. players, other foreign clients and players in all countries of the world:

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  1. ignition poker
  2. betonline / sb poker
  3. bovada
  5. everygame
  6. americas cardroom / blackchip
  7. coinpoker
  8. swcpoker
  9. nitrogen poker
  10. juicy bets
  11. blockchain poker

1. ignition poker

✓ usa, aus | x I can’t

withdrawals – minimum: $10 | max: $9,500 | speed: 1 day deposits – min: $10 | maximum: $5,000

ignition poker is the largest site in the usa markets. uu. and australia for cash games, and its popularity will likely grow even more now that it supports bitcoin, bch, bsv, ltc, and eth.

2. betonline / sb poker

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✓ usa, can, uk, de, worldwide | no auses

withdrawals – minimum: $20 | max: $100,000 | speed: 2 days deposits – min: $20 | maximum: $500,000

These sites on the poker boy network are big supporters of digital currencies, as evidenced by their decision to transact in litecoin and other cryptocurrencies in addition to bitcoin.

3. bovada poker

✓ united states | no aus, can’t

withdrawals – minimum: $10 | max: $9,500 | speed: 1 day deposits – min: $10 | maximum: $5,000

bovada is a wonderful place for btc poker as well as casino games and sports betting. there are separate welcome bonuses for each game type and other crypto poker options like bitcoin cash, bitcoin satoshi vision, litecoin and ethereum are available.

4. poker

✓ can, latam | no aus, no use

withdrawals – minimum: $10 | max: $9,500 | speed: 1 day deposits – min: $10 | maximum: $5,000 is the Canadian arm of bodog betting powerhouse. It has a poker room, casino and sports betting.

5. all games

✓ usa, can, from, worldwide | no auses

withdrawals – minimum: $100 | max: $2,500 | speed: 2 days deposits – min: $25 | max: $2,500

The limits on each game are a bit restrictive for high rollers, but should be fine for most players just looking to play a few tables from time to time.

6. americas cardroom / blackchip poker / true poker

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✓ usa, can, uk, de, worldwide | no auses

withdrawals – minimum: $50 | max: $25,000 | speed: 1-2 daysdeposits – min: $10 | max: $25,000

All three of these sites are on the Winning Poker Network, which is the place to go for tournaments if you’re in the US. wpn supports 69 different encryption options in addition to btc.

7. coin poker

✓ usa, aus, can, uk, de, worldwide

withdrawals – minimum: $5 | max: $25,000 | speed: a couple of hoursdeposits – min: none | max:none

games at coinpoker use usdt currency, but you can deposit and withdraw via bitcoin and conversions to and from tether are done automatically at the cashier.

8. swcpoker

✓ usa, aus, can, uk, de, worldwide

withdrawals – min: 0.0005 btc | max: not indicated | speed: less than 12 hours deposits – min: 0.00000001 btc | max: not indicated

swcpoker is the latest evolution of the old club hallmarks, which first introduced bitcoin to the poker ecosystem. Unlike previous sites, this one banks exclusively in btc and bch, and the tables are denominated in μbtc (a swc chip is equal to 0.000001 bitcoin).

9. nitrogen poker

✓ usa, aus, can, uk, de, worldwide

withdrawals – min: 0.001 btc | max: none | speed: less than 12 hoursdeposits – min: none | max:none

nitrogen sports is probably the best known bitcoin sportsbook, and they added poker to their portfolio in 2014. each chip is equal to 1/1000th of a bitcoin, and btc is the only valid currency accepted.

10. juicy bets

✓ usa, aus, can, uk, de, worldwide

withdrawals – minimum: $100 | max: $2,500 | speed: 2 days deposits – min: $25 | max: $1000

juicy stakes is a partner site of everygame, but lacks a sportsbook and some of the other gaming options that everygame has.

11. blockchain poker

✓ usa, aus, can, uk, de, worldwide

withdrawals – min: 0.001 btc | max: none | speed: < 1 hour deposits – min: none | max:none

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what is bitcoin?

bitcoin (btc) is a completely digital form of payment, which does not rely on a central clearinghouse or authority to control transactions. rather, a network of peer-to-peer users maintains nodes that process and verify transactions, writing confirmations to the blockchain, which is a public ledger of all transactions.

bitcoin was the first payment solution to implement this combination of technologies to achieve its purpose and thus became the first cryptocurrency. Since then there have been countless imitators and offshoots of BTC, including Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash. however, the original crypto bitcoin remains the most popular and the most valuable by total market capitalization.

how can i get bitcoins?

If you have yet to start your bitcoin betting adventures, don’t worry, we’ll show you how to get started and acquire your first bitcoins. Check out our comprehensive bitcoin guide to learn how to buy coins, send them to wallets, and make your deposits at online poker rooms, casinos, and really any other merchant that accepts this form of payment.

Bitcoin benefits for internet poker

Sites and players wouldn’t just decide to switch to bitcoin en masse for no reason, so it follows logically that there are compelling advantages to transacting in this new medium. among the benefits of btc are:

  • avoid nosy government bureaucrats and dodgy bankers
  • relatively fast transaction times
  • reasonable fees (although some newer cryptos have outperformed btc in this area)</ li
  • individual control of your own bankroll
  • soft poker games

how smooth are bitcoin poker rooms?

bitcoin poker rooms offer the easiest poker games on the internet because they attract crypto users with little or no poker experience. These crypto enthusiasts also often have a lot of disposable crypto due to the perpetual rise in value of crypto since its inception in 2009, but they are inexperienced poker players.

bitcoin drawbacks for internet poker

Although we are big supporters of bitcoin, not just for poker but for all sorts of financial activities, we have to admit that there are still some issues with its use as a currency for everyday transactions. among the disadvantages of bitcoin are:

  • transaction purpose: there is often no recourse if you send coins to the wrong address
  • steep learning curve for beginners before they are comfortable with bitcoin
  • constantly fluctuating exchange rates means little price stability

bitcoin texas hold’em poker games

If you’re in the market for a bitcoin poker site, then you’re probably interested in playing texas hold’em games, more specifically no limit texas hold’em. after all, nl hold’em is the most popular poker format.

we are pleased to report that all crypto poker sites described on this page support no limit bitcoin texas hold’em poker. These games include the traditional trifecta of cash tables, sit n’gos and multi-table tournaments. on some sites, additional varieties of the game are distributed, such as lottery-style contests, where the prize pool is determined by random factors, and speed poker, which allows you to fold your hand and immediately move on to a new table with new letters .

Of course, if you want to broaden your horizons, there are other poker variations that appeal to you. In addition to Bitcoin NL Texas Hold’em, many of these sites also broadcast Pot Limit Omaha and Limit Hold’em. If you’re a fan of seven card stud or 6+ hold’em, your options are more limited, but you’ll still find some games online. even horse, chinese open and other obscure games have bitcoin poker options available.

bitcoin bonus offers

There are some online gaming sites that will not only allow you to transact in bitcoin, but also give you special bonuses for doing so, bonuses that are higher than their standard offers for non-btc deposits.

  • ignition casino poker – The standard poker and casino bonuses here are each 100% up to $1000, but this increases to 150% up to $1500 if you deposit with bitcoin or another crypto.
  • betonline / – The starting sports betting bonus here is 50% up to $1000, but bitcoiners get 100% up to $1000. sports reloads are also increased from 25% up to $250 to 35% up to $350 for crypto users.
  • bovada – bovada offers offers worth up to $3000 for new casino players and $250 for the sports book, but these figures increase to $3750 and $750 respectively if you deposit btc.
  • americas cardroom / blackchip poker: these sites tend to have opportunities to reload bonus every two months, and the match rate is generally only 50% with legacy payment methods and 100% with bitcoin and other digital currencies.
  • casino cafe : Exclusive VIP bonus offer up to $5000 for professional rakeback crypto deposits. read more about cafe casino bonus codes.

withdraw money from a bitcoin poker site

After you’ve made a few winnings on your crypto poker site, you’re probably wondering how to withdraw them and if the process will go smoothly. Fortunately, if you’ve already successfully bought bitcoin and deposited it into your online poker room, then you already have most of what you need to make a withdrawal as well.

follow these steps to get your money:

  1. complete any ID verification required by the site
  2. go to the withdrawal interface in the poker site cashier
  3. create a new btc address in your wallet personal (not an exchange)
  4. paste the newly generated address, along with the amount you wish to withdraw, into the cashier in the poker room
  5. do click “submit”, “go”, or a similarly labeled button to finalize your transaction

then you just have to wait for your bitcoins to arrive. The longest part of this procedure will probably be waiting for your account verification to complete, but this is a one-time deal that you only need to do before your first payment. subsequent withdrawals will skip the identity certification step.

Most of the time, it will take only a day or two from the time you request a withdrawal before your BTC is in your wallet. from there, you can deposit them elsewhere, send bitcoins to your exchange and sell them, or just store them in your crypto wallet.

Important note: It is essential that you use an intermediary wallet between your exchange and the gaming site. Sending or receiving funds directly between an exchange and an internet poker room could allow the exchange to determine that your coins were used for what they consider to be prohibited gambling activities. if this happens, you may be excluded from the exchange. see the relevant sections of our FAQ below for additional information on this.

frequently asked questions about bitcoin poker

If you have any questions about funding your poker account and receiving your winnings via bitcoin, please see our FAQ below. We have compiled common questions and answers on this topic below for your understanding.

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