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Dear friend and future business owner,

You’ve probably spent more than a few hours wondering how you can get rich one day, maybe make a hit record… a stock market murder… or create the next great smartphone app?

Reading: Bitcoin atm franchise

For most of us, these are just dreams. however, people who are financially independent… happy and free to live however they want, have made it by owning their own business.

You have requested this information because you have obviously considered starting your own business. You have probably looked at franchises, service businesses, and many others. the problem is that you need to raise $100,000 or more just to get started and even then it’s a gamble, with a small chance of actually winning good money.

Well, here’s the good news. If you want to start your own business, make your own decisions and build a truly secure future… then reading this guide very carefully and in its entirety will be the most profitable and important thing you do all week, all month and maybe all year.

so… grab a coke or a coffee, turn off the ringer on the phone, lock yourself in a room; do what you have to do to give it your full attention.


brett blackwell, president

Your future starts nowAre you looking for an easy-to-operate, high-income, all-cash business opportunity from the start? and millions more will need to capture your imagination? Would regular, passive cash income improve your lifestyle, enhance your retirement, or help you reach your financial goals?

Start your bitcoin ATM business todayBitcoin and cryptocurrencies are growing at a phenomenal rate. In fact, experts believe the industry will see billions of dollars in investment during 2019. Amazon, PayPal, Ferrari, and many other international companies now accept Bitcoin. what seemed like the domain of techies and fringe freedom seekers is now becoming mainstream.

Unfortunately, buying cryptocurrencies like bitcoin privately is very difficult and often impossible. converting crypto back to cash is even worse. requires complex, expensive and highly vetted bank transfers and tons of paperwork. Even when possible through bank and wire transfers, using banks removes privacy, destroying one of the main reasons cryptocurrencies are growing in popularity.

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Bitcoin ATMs help customers overcome these problems. However, until bitbox entered the market, bitcoin ATM owners have struggled due to technical problems, lack of connections in the field, and misunderstandings about the world of cryptocurrencies.

bitbox eliminates these problems by making bitcoin and cryptocurrency transactions as simple as using your bank’s ATM. Now, for the first time, business owners like you can enter the ground floor of this amazing, cutting-edge, residual income, all-cash business. opportunity to own your own crypto-money machine in an industry virtually free of competition. even if you have no experience or technical skills.

your customers put their cash into your bitbox bitcoin ATM and the system automatically converts that cash into bitcoin or any other popular cryptocurrency. you keep a very significant portion of the total transaction as a fee for providing this much-needed convenience. Alternatively, with a two-way bitcoin ATM, customers can pay you in cryptocurrency and you pay them back. can benefit in either direction.

bitbox has removed the technical hurdles, built an amazing network within the industry, and has a deep understanding of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. With this bitbox bitcoin ATM franchise, you get a back door to this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

In a nutshell…bitbox provides you with fully automated machines that allow users to buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for cash. As a franchisee, you pay a very significant transaction fee for providing this service. all from the comfort of your home. even while you sleep!

how it works

  • bitbox installs – bitbox installs your bitcoin ATM in a verified location. our market research department finds locations in your area based on our proven criteria and sends them to you. once approved, our marketing team coordinates the installation of your bitbox.
  • customer uses ATM: customers deposit their cash into your machine and the system automatically converts that cash into bitcoin. buying bitcoins privately on exchanges is difficult and often impossible. customers look for bitcoin ATMs in their area to use for this purchase.
  • you charge a fee: Providing the customer with the convenience of buying bitcoins in cash carries a high transaction fee. our bitbox owners charge up to 20% of the total transaction amount. bitcoin ATMs generate between $20,000 and $300,000 per month across the country.
  • Track Your Earnings: Bitbox owners track their bitcoin ATMs through the software personalized from bitbox in the comfort of your home. just log in to your personal bitbox account and see exactly how much money you earn each day.

Get on the ground floor of the exploding bitcoin ATM market with no technical knowledge or experience!

turnkey franchisebitbox takes care of all the ins and outs with extensive knowledge, extensive training and superior support. once you buy the bitbox franchise program, we take care of everything. start generating income as soon as you install your first bitbox.

sit back, relax and track your earnings. Very low overhead and no need for employees.

The industry explosion bitcoin ATMs are generating $20,000 – $300,000 in transactions per month, but are still lacking in most major locations.

The time to act is now! By acting now, you’ll be starting at the very beginning of the bitcoin ATM industry’s explosion. bitcoin is a global currency with large volumes bought and sold every day. with bitbox you can earn money with these transactions. these machines are already in high demand and bitcoin users are clamoring for more machines in more locations. there are not enough machines to meet the demand. bitcoin is moving from a tight niche market to mainstream awareness, so those who get in early will stand to benefit the most. those who wait will be left behind. don’t stay behind. Contact us now to speak with a Bitbox Business Consultant and get started today!

start your bitbox franchise

  • all business in cash, so no headaches for accounts receivable, payroll, credit, banking, etc.
  • rapid return on investment so you enjoy income residuals almost immediately.
  • ground floor opportunity, so competition doesn’t exist in most cities.
  • easy to operate, so no tech skills needed .
  • bitbox places your machine for you in a high traffic revenue generating area.
  • full training and support program so you don’t need to understand bitcoin, cryptocurrencies or software to get started .
  • all network contacts are in place, so you can get started right away, even if you’re new to the industry.
  • a service sought after by customers, so you’re building your residual income right away, without hitting the pavement to get started.
  • li>
  • bitbox takes care of all the setup so you can get started. ar making money right away.
  • Free and open software with additional cryptocurrency support that gives you a full range of options so you have even more potential customers looking for you.
  • bitbox is the one stop shop for bitcoin ATMs, so regardless of your local requirements, we’ve got you covered.
  • highest quality hardware and an extended partner network, so running your own bitcoin ATM business is as easy as plug and play.

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bitbox handles all aspects of your new bitcoin ATM business. we find your location, install your machine, and take care of all compliance and regulations.

the bitbox team is a collective of highly qualified people who know how to do their job right. we know the needs and expectations of our customers.

Our workers are highly dedicated and possess a specific set of skills that set us apart from the competition. we know how to find the best locations for your bitbox, as well as negotiate and secure contracts with the owners of these sites.

We do nothing unless we get your approval; At bitbox, customers are always our first priority. our employees are always ready to help!

bitbox ATMs provide your customers with the fastest way to buy bitcoin bitcoin ATMs provide customers with immediate cryptocurrency to purchase goods around the world. other exchanges and means of buying bitcoin take up to a week to receive.

machines and softwareour bitcoin ATMs are designed to be robust and secure. bitbox uses our experience in this industry and our deep understanding of bitcoin to build a software platform that makes it easy to own and operate your own bitcoin ATM. Just login to bitbox platform to control your machine and see bitcoin transaction earnings. all from the comfort of your home!

regulation and complianceDepending on where your bitbox bitcoin ATM franchise operates, you may need to comply with specific rules or regulations in your jurisdiction. bitbox handles all the compliance for our operators. we understand compliance and we have compliance support experts to take care of all the rules and regulations for your bitcoin ATM business.

training and supportbitbox operators benefit from a superior support system. The bitbox brand, customer support, marketing strategies, and training give you an edge over your competitors. We are only as successful as our operators, so our continued support is thorough and mandatory.

bitbox benefits

  • preferred pricing: bitbox is your one stop shop for bitcoin ATM ownership with no further ongoing royalties.
  • premium locations: bitbox gives you high traffic, pre-qualified locations to place your bitcoin atm.
  • installation and configuration: bitbox installs your machine in the agreed location and completes all the configuration.
  • legal and compliance: this industry involves a lot of regulations. bitbox completes all the fulfillment of your machine.
  • additional maintenance: bitbox takes care of all initial and ongoing ongoing maintenance of your bitcoin ATM.
  • superior support: bitbox will be at your available whenever you need it. need answers to questions or issues resolved.
  • advertising and marketing: bitbox promotes your location to the masses via the web along with on-site signage.
  • cash withdrawal services : If you wish, receive cash withdrawal services from our select armored truck program.

search engine optimizationseo is how we rank your placements on the first page of search engines. we have a dedicated team of google certified keyword ad experts ready to generate business around your bitbox location.

web exposure and indexingwe will include it in all repositories for bitcoin ATM operators. our marketing team will also set up your bitbox franchise with several local business directories to help with google seo and finding your machine.

web and mobile based portalbitbox machine management tool is web based and can be accessed from anywhere with internet. From your personal laptop at home or from your mobile phone while on vacation, view your account anywhere, anytime.

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