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gambling bots for bitcoin games, what you should know

Bitcoin betting bots (short for robots) tend to be software that uses some sort of online betting site application development user interface (api) to help augment the task involved in making bets based in some kind of game technique or even game strategy. to choose which bets to place.

bitcoin gambling bots are universally shunned by many experienced players as human players naturally cannot compete because a bot will connect to the casino site and also trade odds faster compared to virtually anyone real. . Furthermore, the gaming bots never feel tense or have uncertainty issues regarding their bets and thus achieve results correctly and also in short intervals. however, these types of applications will often quickly become leaky if they are misconfigured or perhaps create minor coding errors within the script. initially, people have been better at subtlety, eg bluffing, and could easily beat the software. still, lately, robotic enhancements have become significant enough to withstand human games.

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bitcoin gambling bots are popular in dice games. however, we recommend avoiding downloading craps bot scripts from people who claim they will make fantastic profits. these are scammers. Not to mention that these bots, most of the time paid, probably have some malicious code, such as viruses or worms.

typical scam ad:

” bitcoin craps martingale betting bot that works!

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huge benefits: only 0.03 btc to get the download link! “

so unless you have strong programming skills, or hire a coder to build your own betting bot, you should play bitcoin dice games with your own built-in auto-betting bot.

here is the list of betting sites with built-in bot There is an automated betting feature built into the site, which allows players to roll the dice automatically according to the chosen settings (odds, probability of winning, bet amount, number of rolls). access the bot by clicking the rocket icon in the bottom right corner.

crypto-games: its autobet allows you to play different strategies such as d’alembert or martingale. all the player has to do is enter a bet size and a winning multiplier, just like they did for manual bets. you can now select if and when to decrease/increase your bet and by how much. choose if you want to bet on low/high only or if you want to change your bets after certain events below. you are now ready to hit “start” and the auto bets will start running. the auto bet will run until the maximum number of spins is reached or the player’s account has reached a certain amount of funds. the player can be stopped manually. If you are playing Martingale and don’t want your bets to blow up, it is possible to select a maximum bet size. once reached, the bot will continue with this size and stop increasing bets.

safedice: autobalancing is available on the site but it’s not sophisticated. On the other hand, an api is available for coders to integrate with the site. a sample bot is included. hotkeys are also available to allow the player to roll without destroying their hand by quickly clicking the mouse.

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bitcoinvideocasino: bitcoin video casino offers auto play features for games like video poker, blackjack, craps, keno, slots, roulette and craps as well. many customization features are included in its autoplay technology. choose auto play with martingale, labouchère or lucky number betting strategy for roulette game. select auto play with martingale strategy for dice game.

primedice: Autobets allow you to easily roll and execute longer period strategies without the need to regularly click the roll button. the base bet is the amount of the initial bet that will be influenced by “increasing the bet by …%”. using raise by 100% on loss will cause your bet to double every time you lose and thus perform a simple martingale chain. you can also limit the number of rolls and the loss/profit to reduce risks.

fortunejack: classic fortunejack dice provide the player with an easy to use robot roll. we tested it and found that there were no major issues with auto bets. players can configure the bot with different betting settings such as: on stop loss, on stop win, back to base bet and raise by %.

betterbets: The betterbets site has its own bot called ‘betterbot’. It has numerous settings and was primarily developed for those enthusiastic players who want maximum betting flexibility and superior speed. Plus, you won’t have to worry about third-party bots and the security of your computers. works on windows, mac or linux. in addition, they have a bot-api that is compatible with primedice: it means that any bot that supports primedice can be adapted to use your website’s api in a matter of minutes.

win88: autobet is here to play craps! you must make a deposit of at least 0.001 btc to be able to bet automatically.

bikinidice: the minimum bet is only 0.00000001 btc. autobet will self-regulate if your bets exceeded the maximum profit or the maximum bet.

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