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bitcoin 2022 was the largest bitcoin event in history and explored the technological advancements, financial empowerment, and countercultural influence surrounding this open source technology. To keep up with the latest news and the impact bitcoin 2022 is having, check out live streams and bitcoin magazine coverage of all the biggest stories below.

watch the live stream of the second day of bitcoin general admission 2022

eric weinstein on bitcoin 2022: breaking physics and changing the world

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In the bitcoin 2022 scenario, eric weinstein and avi loeb discuss the barriers of centralization and physics while detailing how bitcoin overcomes both.

senator cynthia lummis outlines upcoming bipartisan bitcoin bill

wyoming senator cynthia lummis shared details about a bipartisan bill designed to boost bitcoin innovation in the us. uu. in bitcoin 2022.

Federated Chaumian Mints: The Future of Bitcoin Privacy?

bitcoin 2022 hosted a fireside conversation about federated Chaumian mints, which panelists said could play a significant role in the future of bitcoin privacy.

build new networks to support local communities and strengthen the bitcoin network

Bitcoin mining companies are working with electricity providers to find energy solutions that support mining and community access to electricity, and a group of leaders met to discuss the trend in bitcoin 2022.

jordan peterson defends capitalism in bitcoin 2022

dr. Jordan Peterson talked about his curiosity in bitcoin, entrepreneurship, and his fierce belief in capitalism.

trezor presents bitcoin purchases with direct self-custody, operator of wallet app trezor, has partnered with swan to add recurring and self-custody bitcoin purchases for users, according to a bitcoin 2022 announcement.

former attorney general neal katyal argues for reasonable bitcoin regulation

at bitcoin 2022, constitutional attorney neal katyal argued that bitcoiners should be open to some regulation to ultimately protect the technology.

the bitcoin lightning network is not private yet

lightning developers discussed privacy issues and possible corresponding solutions for the bitcoin lightning network at the bitcoin 2022 conference.

canaan announces new asic miner along with company standards for green bitcoin mining

at bitcoin 2022, asic manufacturer canaan announced a new mining machine in addition to green mining standards for energy, mining and infrastructure.

blockstream, block to take advantage of the tesla equipment for the renewable bitcoin mining operation

During bitcoin 2022, blockstream’s adam back announced that their bitcoin mining facility will leverage tesla equipment and produce a hash rate of 30 ph/s.

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how coinjoin, the currency exchange enables the basic privacy of bitcoin

A cohort of developers discussed coinjoin and coinswap on stage during the bitcoin 2022 conference to highlight the main features of these bitcoin privacy tools.

the bitcoin defense project announces a super pact to boost the us. uu. to hyperbitcoinization

Detailed in bitcoin 2022, the bitcoin defense project, bitcoin policy institute, and financial freedom pact offer a three-pronged approach to favorable bitcoin policy in the united states.

you are the carbon they want to reduce

bitcoin 2022 featured conversations that highlighted how the energy critique of bitcoin is an attack on progress in the energy industry.

general admission day one, april 7, recap

watch the live stream of the first day of bitcoin general admission 2022

jack mallers strike integrating with world’s largest POS providers to enable sovereign bitcoin payments

jack mallers of strike announced a major point of sale integration that allows buyers to use bitcoin privately and merchants to save on processor fees.

Starting the bitcoin payment revolution

A panel of fintech disruptors in the bitcoin space offered insights into the revolutionary nature of bitcoin and its potential impact on global payments in bitcoin 2022.

ricardo salinas: the cult of central banking and fiduciary fraud

Ricardo Salinas, the third richest man in Mexico and an outspoken proponent of bitcoin, addressed sectarian behavior and religion in relation to core banking systems in two bitcoin 2022 sessions.

voltage will launch two new products for lightning integrated users

voltage offers hosting of lightning nodes and buying liquidity from other node operators. the CEO announced two new products in bitcoin 2022.

yeonmi park, political activists on how bitcoin enables freedom

During Bitcoin 2022, Yeonmi Park and other political activists discussed how Bitcoin can empower and bring freedom to people living under authoritarian rule.

why peter thiel thinks bitcoin hasn’t taken over the world yet

The investor and entrepreneur discussed what he sees as the future of bitcoin along with his enemies.

robinhood that allows lightning and chain withdrawals

Announced in bitcoin 2022, robinhood is launching its wallet and will start allowing bitcoin withdrawals.

Are there downsides to bitcoin soft fork upgrades?

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A panel held at bitcoin 2022 set out to explore the benefits and trade-offs of activating a bitcoin soft fork.

political inertia and bitcoin with andrew yang and glenn greenwald

ex usa Presidential candidates Jo Jorgensen and Andrew Yang, as well as journalist Glenn Greenwald, discussed Bitcoin and politics at Bitcoin 2022.

Impervious artificial intelligence launches bitcoin-based internet browser

Waterproof is a new internet browser that doesn’t track or sell data, is censorship resistant, and is built on bitcoin’s peer-to-peer lightning network.

the future is bright for bitcoin

if all investors were as bullish on bitcoin as michael saylor and cathie wood, we’d look to the future with great optimism.

samson mow announces pro bitcoin legislation in three countries

During bitcoin 2022, bitcoin infrastructure developer samson mow announced progress on bitcoin-friendly legislation in three locations around the world.

how orange pill billionaires move the bitcoin market

During bitcoin 2022, a group of high net worth investors gave insight into the whales’ outlook and their future in the bitcoin market.

serena williams, odell beckham jr. and aaron rodgers on why they believe in bitcoin

on stage at bitcoin 2022, serena williams, odell beckham jr. and aaron rodgers explained why they invest and choose to be paid in bitcoin.

cash app announces new lightning integration, ‘pay me with bitcoin’ feature

During a presentation at bitcoin 2022, the thousands suter of cash app announced a number of new bitcoin features for the popular payment service.

industry day, April 6, summary

watch bitcoin industry day 2022 live stream

when will the calculation of the infrastructure bill for bitcoin be made?

The law on investment in infrastructure and jobs was met with resistance from bitcoiners, but it was still approved. During bitcoin 2022, a group of legislative experts reviewed the bill.

For bitcoin to grow, barriers to retail adoption must be overcome

at bitcoin 2022, a panel of experts discussed accelerating retail participation in btc and how to onboard 100 million people.

how mining pools adapt to changing market conditions

at bitcoin 2022, a panel of mining pool experts discussed how miners need to be flexible to changes in the market, including global cultural differences and conflicting legal frameworks when countries ban bitcoin.

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