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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]bitcoin evolution is a fraudulent investment scheme that has been operating online in Spain and in other parts of the world for several years. despite the growing number of warnings, there are still many people who think it could be real.

This is a type of scam linked to autotrading robots, which changes its name very frequently to avoid detection. For example, we found the same fraudulent scheme operating under other names, such as bitcoin future, bitcoin era, bitcoin revolution, bitcoin profit, or bitcoin trader.

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although anyone who has spent some time immersed in the world of cryptocurrencies knows how to spot a fraud, there are still people who fall victim to promises of quick and easy money. Don’t we all dream of being millionaires and stop working? They take advantage of this desire to deceive and take money from the unwary through a fraudulent scheme that already operates worldwide.

Para muestra de sus operaciones internacionales, incluso encontramos páginas específicas para distintas geografías: En la actualidad ya existen Bitcoin Evolution Chile, Bitcoin Evolution Perú y Bitcoin Evolution México. De igual manera, este supuesto software se ha extendido para incluir Bitcoin Evolution Panamá, Bitcoin Evolution Portugal y también en Nueva Zelanda o Países Bajos.

The threat continues to expand and has already reached people of all ages and corners of the world.

what does the evolution of bitcoin intend to be?

bitcoin evolution is advertised on its website as the opportunity for ordinary people to earn miles (or even millions) of dollars by investing in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. on the other hand, it is also responsible for selling its software as a tool capable of analyzing the markets automatically and executing profitable operations, without human intervention.

This way it -supposedly- quickly and accurately detects potentially profitable trading opportunities. it even goes one step further and claims that it can automatically open accounts and make investments on behalf of users.

They offer a minimum earning of $1,300 per day for just working an average of 20 minutes or less per day. they claim that some members have already earned their first million in just 61 days. As a climax, it includes on its website fraudulent videos of very personalities declaring that they have earned large amounts with this investment scheme.

the signs of the scam

At this point, it should be noted that this is not the only website dedicated to this type of fraud, but it is one of the best known. unfortunately there are others that use more or less the same scheme to “hook” unsuspecting people. the way in which they consume the scam is, roughly, as follows:

when signing up for bitcoin evolution

In this part bitcoin evolution requests a series of personal data. once this registration is complete, bitcoin evolution grants access to the so-called autotrading software that we are initially told is free. Free use is an euphemism because the application is immediately accessed, it asks for a deposit of 250 euros, without which bitcoin evolution is not able to start operating.

El proceso de registro en Bitcoin Evolution es muy sencillo. Sin embargo no encontramos ningún tipo de información legal sobre a qué empresa le vamos a depositar nuestro dinero.

No hay información legal sobre qué empresa hay detrás de Bitcoin Evolution

this simple fact should be more than enough to realize that bitcoin evolution is not clean wheat. neither in the footer nor in the “terms and conditions”, “privacy policy” or “contact” sections do we find which company is behind bitcoin evolution.

If it wasn’t even a scam, why do the creators of bitcoin evolution have to hide their identity?

They are not authorized or audited by any international financial institution

Any broker, investment company or trading platform must have the authorization of some international financial authority, such as the CNMV, the CYSEC or the FCA. Institutions are responsible for periodically auditing companies and demanding certain standards of trust, liquidity and good practices.

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It goes without saying that bitcoin evolution is not authorized by any international financial authority.

They use video montages with celebrities and politicians

the main page of bitcoin evolution uses trick videos and false testimonials from celebrities. It is worth mentioning that there are multiple variants of the main page. In them, well-known personalities, such as Eric Schmidt, Bill Gates, Risto Mejide, or the Spanish politician Pedro Sánchez, claim to be clients of this service. furthermore, these people and many others declare in such videos that they have made a lot of money with investments in bitcoin evolution.

Bitcoin Evolution utiliza noticias falsas publicadas en páginas que simulan conocidos medios de comunicación. Además, utiliza el nombre y la imagen de personalidades muy conocidas como Risto Mejide o Pablo Motos.

Esta misma campaña, con los mismos videos y mismos personajes, es replicada en redes sociales y campañas de publicidad para atrapar a más incautos. En los medios de comunicación existen multitud de artículos en los que estos mismo personajes citados declaran que ni son clientes, ni han ganado dinero ni recomiendan Bitcoin Evolution.

present totally false “benefit reports”

the software that makes up bitcoin evolution is in charge of keeping the page updated with the income and profits of its clients in real time. They even ensure that their success rate is more than 99%, which can only be explained in the field of miracles.

Any market analyst or professional trader is capable of knowing that achieving a success rate of 99% in trading any asset is mathematically impossible. This simple obtained is more than enough to detect that it is a full-fledged scam.

if the supposed creators of bitcoin evolution could be able to create an algorithm with a 99% success rate… what interest would they have in sharing it with the whole world?

Bitcoin Evolution muestra falsos informes de operaciones ejecutadas con rentabilidad.

Usan mensajes y marcadores falsos

This resource is frequent and easy to execute. starting at the time of registration, a red warning pops up warning that registration opportunities are running out. in this way they pressure the user to register quickly and without thinking. It is also common to see messages from supposedly satisfied customers telling how the page made them earn money. This has no other objective than to create a climate of trust so that the user registers in bitcoin evolution.

is there a way to detect scam sites like bitcoin evolution?

Fortunately it does exist. The first thing any user should do is discard magic solutions. There is no supernatural way to become a millionaire without investing a certain amount of time, money, and effort. and those that may exist are not legal.

Consequently, the first thing to do is critically investigate the information displayed on these pages. everything, from its method of operation, to the opinions of its users, must be carefully reviewed before investing money.

Bitcoin Evolution se promociona a través de centenares o miles de cuentas de Facebook y otras plataformas, utilizando la imagen de famosos y conocidos empresarios. Este tipo de anuncios o publicaciones son un claro indicador de riesgo y potencial fraude.

Por otro lado, existe en España la Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores (CNMV) que es un organismo del Estado español que vigila esta actividad. Instituciones equivalentes existen en otros países, así que la recomendación principal es buscar allí la información sobre advertencias de páginas fraudulentas.

As a basic rule, we must discard any investment company that does not have any type of authorization or is not registered for this type of activity.

Is investing in bitcoin or cryptocurrencies a fraud?

Of course it isn’t. in fact it is one of the great investment opportunities in modern times. what happens is that it is a relatively new field about which users still have many doubts and there is some uncertainty. Certain unscrupulous companies take advantage of this precisely to launch their deceptive campaigns online.

Se debe partir del hecho de que ninguna inversión en criptomonedas nos puede ofrecer la garantía de grandes ganancias. Como cualquier otro valor en algún momento está en alza y otros en baja; lo que se traduce en la posibilidad de ganancias y pérdidas para el inversor.

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There are many investment platforms that allow us to operate with cryptocurrencies with all the guarantees, and their distinctive mark is that they are legalized and authorized by the regulatory bodies of the activity.

that is, they are 100% legal and that is why they can offer guarantees to their clients. locating them and learning to distinguish them is the task that must be done by all those interested in investing in cryptocurrencies. this, in reality, is not so difficult, they should only look for companies with time in the market, legal and with a positive evaluation of their clients.

in complete safety and with a regulated broker

When it comes to investing in bitcoin, the favorite option and recommended by the financial country is the broker, an investment platform used by more than 10 million users, based in london and authorized by the cysec and the fca (the regulatory entity of the united kingdom).

In Spain, etoro is registered with the National Securities Market Commission with registration number 2534 (here is its registration on the CNMV website).

In addition, etoro has successfully passed our verification and audit process: which means that it has all the guarantees, security standards, trust and liquidity that we require from a broker to successfully approve our transactions. high demands.

> go to to open an account completely free < is a regulated broker through which you can buy bitcoin or other real cryptocurrencies.

Now you can invest in Etoro copying the most profitable investors!

Etoro has recently been positioning itself as a successful “social trading” platform. Among other features, Etoro currently allows us to see the profiles of some of the most successful investors, the profitability they are obtaining, as well as all the operations they carry out and the composition of their asset portfolios.

The most important thing is that it also allows us to copy the operations carried out by these successful professional investors. In this way, even if we are just starting out in the world of investments, we can “copy” exactly what the big sharks in the sector do, thus decisively increasing our chances of success.


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