Billionaire Mark Cuban Issued A Serious Crypto Warning Even As Bitcoin Nears A 50,000 Price

bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have skyrocketed in recent days, even after the us. The Senate rejected a bipartisan compromise on a crypto tax provision in its $1 trillion infrastructure bill.

Bitcoin price has risen nearly 20% over the past week, rising to over $45,000, its highest level since mid-May, while smaller cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Dogecoin and Uniswap have surged even more (subscribe now to forbes’ cryptoasset & blockchain advisor and discover crypto blockbusters primed for 1000% profits).

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Before yesterday’s Senate showdown, billionaire businessman and investor mark cuban warned that turning off the “growth engine” of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies would be like “stopping e-commerce in 1995.”

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mark cuban, a former bitcoin and crypto skeptic, recently changed his mind about cryptocurrencies… [+] amid a bitcoin price boom.

“Turning off this growth engine would be the equivalent of stopping e-commerce in 1995 because people feared credit card fraud,” Cuban told the Washington Post over the weekend. “or regulate the creation of websites because some people initially thought they were complicated and didn’t understand what they would lead to.”

The provision proposes new rules on how to report crypto transactions to the IRS as part of the bill’s fundraising provisions, which could raise up to $28 billion by encouraging more taxes to be paid. Broadly defined brokers would be required to provide information on bitcoin and crypto transfers, throwing the industry into chaos.

yesterday, after weeks of wrangling, a cryptographic compromise amendment to the bill was blocked. Introduced by senators pat toomey (r-pa) and cynthia lummis (r-wyo), the amendment sought to clarify language in the bill that would expand the definition of “broker” and increase tax requirements for software developers and those who protect the blockchains. in exchange for newly minted tokens, known as miners.

The bill’s cryptocurrency provision shocked the US. uu. cryptocurrency community in recent weeks, with crypto lobbyists fighting to change it and crypto investors, industry insiders, and technologists roundly ridiculing it.

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the price of bitcoin has risen more than 30% over the past month, with bitcoin rising $50,000 per… [+] bitcoin even as regulation threatens to stymie the us. uu. crypto industry.

“The bill has the potential to flood cryptocurrency transactions in the country with an invasive network,” said Paolo Ardoino, CEO of Bitfinex, the British Virgin Islands-based cryptocurrency exchange, in comments sent via email.

Last week, tech investor and former Coinbase CTO Balaji Srinivasan called the latest amendment “a backdoor bitcoin ban,” while crypto lobbyist Jerry Brito, CEO of the crypto think tank coin center, described it as “disastrous”. and “ridiculous”.

“imposing reporting rules on Americans who develop software and hardware, mine and secure the network, or run nodes to build resiliency and efficiency, is an impossible task that will only drive the development and operation of this critical technology outside the US,” Square SQ CEO Jack Dorsey posted on Twitter.

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