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This month, the justice department announced its “largest financial seizure ever” related to a bizarre cryptocurrency case. To understand what happened, you need to understand three parts: a crypto theft, a couple who got arrested, and why all of this matters.

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It all started six years ago with a breach. Hackers stole $71 million, valued at more than $4.5 billion today, from Bitfinex, a virtual currency exchange. the funds were stolen through more than 2,000 unauthorized transactions, according to the justice department.

At the time, the news was another blow to the crypto world, which had seen breaches before. another exchange, mt. gox, conspicuously lost 850,000 bitcoins. when the company went bankrupt in 2014, bitcoin was worth more than $450 million.

now the thing to know about bitcoin is that although they are anonymous to some degree, they are actually very easy to trace. every transaction made is publicly visible to everyone. you do not believe me? you can click here and see the transactions in real time (you should pay close attention to the staggering amounts on the far right).

This information is important for understanding arrests.

money laundering through walmart

Ilya Lichtenstein, 34, and her wife, Heather Morgan, 31, were arrested this month in Manhattan on suspicion of laundering cryptocurrency linked to the hacks.

To be clear, they are not being accused of participating in the hack and have not been convicted. information on the case has been obtained through the justice department. The people responsible for the original hack have not been identified.

Friends told the Wall Street Journal that the couple previously lived in the San Francisco Bay Area. The newspaper also reported that Lichtenstein had gone through y Combinator, a well-known training program for Silicon Valley entrepreneurs.

“lichtenstein and morgan allegedly conspired to launder proceeds of 119,754 bitcoins that were stolen from the bitfinex platform,” the justice department said.

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Unauthorized transactions sent stolen bitcoins to a digital wallet under the control of lichtenstein. Over the past five years, “approximately 25,000 of those stolen bitcoins were transferred from Lichtenstein’s wallet through a complicated money laundering process,” according to the agency.

Actually, it’s not that complicated. Millions of dollars worth of transactions were collected through bitcoin ATMs and used to purchase items such as gold and non-fungible tokens, according to the justice department. They also purchased a $500 Walmart gift card, and the items they purchased with it were delivered to their Manhattan address.

The couple’s attorney wrote in a document that “the money laundering allegations in the government complaint are based on a series of assumptions and circumstantial inferences drawn from a complex web of intricate blockchain and cryptocurrency tracking claims.” , according to cnbc. .

The connection to cryptocurrency theft is not the only reason the case has garnered attention. Morgan has posted rap songs on Spotify and TikTok under the name Razzlekhan. (on the “versace bedouin” track, he says, “f— I jane austen romance, I’d rather take a taxidermy class”)

why this is important

For me, there are two main takeaways from the entire saga. the first is that cryptocrimes are easily detected.

“it’s better than cash. it’s easier to track,” said paul vigna, a reporter for the wall street journal, on the newspaper’s daily podcast “the journal.” “You can try to cover your tracks, but you can’t cover your tracks. And if the government wants to throw in enough resources to implement it, they can absolutely track every step bitcoin takes.”

The second is that if you want to get into crypto, you have to be very careful. it remains vulnerable to bad actors, including the shortsighted accused of sending Walmart purchases made with stolen money to their real addresses.

I gave you the quick version of the case, but you can find more information here, including more details about how the couple allegedly tried to hide their money.


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and now, this is what is happening in california:

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