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If you’ve recently been the victim of a cryptocurrency scam or fraud, you know how difficult it is to recover from cryptocurrency fraud, especially if you decide to do it yourself. This article will guide you through our simple cryptocurrency scam/fraud tracking & recovery process.

The use of digital currency is on the rise, and with it, crypto fraud or crime. ​in case of theft or loss, cryptographic tracing is now possible.

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reasons for cryptocurrency fraud or scams?

Today’s environment has become a breeding ground for thieves. these are some of the reasons why.

most investors do not fully understand how cryptocurrencies work

This is one of the reasons why it has become easier for whispered crooks to fool budding investors with crypto rumors. Whenever the understanding gap is wide, it is easier for scammers to extort money from unsuspecting people, but recovering from a cryptocurrency scam is helpful. and blockchain technology is constantly evolving, so investors have a lot to keep up with.

big price spikes

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The massive rise in cryptocurrency prices each year, combined with many actions by crypto millionaires, drives two things: the fear of running out and the anticipation of big gains. average investors would be skeptical; in crypto, this is possible as many cryptocurrencies have made huge gains in just one year.

cryptocurrencies offer little consumer protection.

If you’re a stock market investor, you get a certain level of security because brokerages and organizations must adhere to strict regulations. however, it can be difficult to distinguish between real and fake cryptocurrency deals.

cryptocurrency fraud recovery of stolen funds

We must act very quickly when we are victims of a cryptocrime. a crypto scan begins immediately for crypto recovery. The longer we wait to start tracking your cryptocurrency, the more time we give thieves to hide crypto assets, such as placing funds in a blender/jar or moving them to a cold room.

With a solid case file in hand, freezing your assets becomes easier. we ensure that the high court issues an international freezing order against the wallet linked to the crypto assets to help prevent further funds from continuing to flow.

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justice will come in handy in these cases. The transparency of the blockchain acts like all ledger transactions, seeing where all the stolen cryptocurrencies go. If the crypto funds go to a service like a seller or an exchange, it is possible to get the proper investigations and legal team to determine who controls the wallet.

we make sure that you are granted a court order to see the identity of the thief and recover the stolen currency.

steps to recover funds

  • The first step towards crypto scam recovery is an initial follow-up. By using specialist cryptocurrency recovery investigators like us, cnc intelligence and cryptocurrency tracking platforms, you can begin to locate your funds.
  • We plan cryptocurrency fraud recovery. matters in court, such as freezing orders, asset retention, and disclosure orders, must be planned well in advance.
  • enforcement of these orders involves affidavits from the victim, the investigative team, and the cryptocurrency attorneys to jumpstart the crypto scam recovery process.
  • we deliver orders to identified exchanges or services that currently have crypto assets tracked or information leading to suspects involved.


The best way to stay away from crypto fraud is to view crypto like other investments or purchases. The fact that you come across the word bitcoin or cryptocurrency does not mean that it is a magical reward, but even if you are a victim, all is not lost, since it is possible to recover a crypto scam.

There are several ways crypto scammers use to steal your funds. people create fake cryptocurrency exchanges, and when unsuspecting investors set up their accounts and transfer their funds, they find they can’t withdraw them.

Likewise, people advertise fake cryptocurrencies to increase the price and then take advantage before the value of the cryptocurrencies drops to zero. Fortunately, cryptocurrency fraud recovery is easy with the right experts.

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