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Traders place many types of orders on Robinhood to trade stocks, EFTs, and other funds. The main types of orders initiated by traders on Robinhood include market orders, limit orders, stop orders, etc.

However, the type of order depends on the trading technique adopted by the trader. stop-limit order is the combination of two different forms of orders i.e. limit order and stop order.

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Similarly, the stop loss order is somewhat the result of two orders being placed simultaneously on certain funds. is set to minimize or limit the loss when selling shares.

The stop-loss order allows the trader to put a certain stock on the market at a price predetermined by him.

gives the broker access to execute the market trade for that particular stock once the market matches the price quoted by the trader.

Here, the trader sets a minimum stop value at which the broker can sell the stock. funds cannot be sold at a lower price indicated by the merchant.

how to set a stop loss in robinhood?

robinhood allows you to place orders on the stocks you have accumulated in your portfolio. it can be a stop order, a limit order or just a market order.

If you want to place a stop-loss order at a certain value for your shares, you can follow the indicated procedure:

steps to set a stop loss in robinhood:

step 1: open your robinhood app and log in to your account

step 2: select a stock you want to place an order on, it can be in the downtrend or uptrend on the chart

step 3: select the given trading option on the current screen which will appear showing two options

step 4: select the sell option in the pop-up menu

step 5: once you select the option to sell, a new page will ask you to place an order and select the type of order you wish to place

Step 6: Here, select the stop command option by scrolling down

Step 7: Now, put a price in the given section where you want to place a stop loss order for the stock

step 8: confirm it at the end and your order will be fixed.

also, you can look for tutorials provided by robinhood on the complete step by step procedure for stop-loss orders.

Can a stop loss be set after buying?

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Stop-loss orders are nothing more than market orders that are not executed but sent to the broker. While buying stocks, you can place a stop loss order on them at a lower value than the current market price.

because if you place an order at or above the current market price, the order will automatically and immediately be triggered. this will cause your stop loss order to change to a market order which will not be beneficial to you.

You should set a price comparatively lower than the market price to ensure that the stop loss order you initiated is successful and limits your losses to a certain value.

right after buying a few shares of your choice, you can also place a buy stop limit order which allows you to set a minimum stop value of the shares at which they can be sold and the market can be executed.

can you put a stop loss and a sell limit at the same time on robinhood?

A stop-loss order allows you to set the minimum price of a stock for which you want to sell your stock given that the loss is minimized.

However, on the other hand, a sell limit order allows you to put a good price on your stock above which it can be sold. you can put these two orders simultaneously in your stock.

Putting these two orders together will allow you to sell your shares at the maximum profit value. it makes your shares within a limit of a good and bad price indicated by you.

The main advantage of combining stop loss and limit sell is that you will be able to allow good lows and bad lows for your stock after analyzing the market. so if you want to place these two orders simultaneously, it will be beneficial for you.

can you put stop loss on robinhood after buying shares?

robinhood allows you to buy shares from the platform by making all kinds of orders. You can easily put a stop loss on Robinhood after buying shares.

You can place a stop-loss buy order that allows you to list a price on the stock of your choice. you can set a stop order above the current price at which you can buy the stock.

once you list the stop price and it matches the market price, the process of buying shares is activated. it serves as a reference point where you will show your interest in buying the shares.

all shares purchased will match their given price or simply be less than the listed price. You can buy stock on Robinhood and place a stop-loss buy order as soon as you buy it.

benefits you to maximize your profits and helps you minimize your loss when buying certain stocks.

can you put stop loss on robinhood crypto?

The system of work and organization of crypto on robinhood differs from that of other actions. robinhood allows all types of orders on stocks, efts, mutual funds and other investments.

however, this may differ from what they offer to crypto traders. Crypto-related management is bypassed by robinhood crypto, which works independently of the other investments.

and therefore the forms of orders allowed in all sorts of other actions vary from those allowed for crypto transactions on robinhood.

robinhood crypto does not allow you to place a stop loss order on any form of crypto using robinhood. It only allows two basic forms of orders, namely market orders and limit orders.

traders cannot place other orders on crypto they wish to buy or already have in their account.

how to set limits in robinhood?

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by default, every sale on robinhood falls in market order. however, traders may want to place a limit order or stop order on the sell or buy stock of their choice.

if you want to put limits on your robinhood so that your limits are considered when buying or selling shares, you can.

once you get to your robinhood account, you will see a purchase option. by clicking on it, all the order options will be displayed on the screen and thus you can select the limit order from this list.

now you will have to put a price at which you want to buy the shares and in case of selling, the minimum price at which you will sell them. after entering the price you want, simply confirm it to complete placing a limit order.

why is there no stop loss for crypto on robinhood?

robinhood crypto is famous among fast crypto traders as it allows you to place market orders on crypto and that too even at odd hours of the day.

But, a big question on the minds of crypto traders is why they can’t put a loss limit on it. the answer to this is simple, the robinhood app does not support stop loss in the case of cryptocurrencies.

This is mainly due to the absence of a central crypto exchange and also the unavailability of books for crypto on robinhood.

why robinhood stop loss didn’t work?

robinhood stop-loss works easily on the stocks you put it on. However, when the market price does not match the price indicated by the traders, you may think that the Robinhood stop loss did not work for you.

it is not, the robinhood stop loss only applies when the market value crosses the advertised price to buy and sell shares.

Also, you can report the robinhood help center if you notice an increase in price and your stop-loss has not yet been triggered.

robinhood limited sale not working?

the main reason why your robinhood limit is not working is that the number of shares you are putting up for the order is not enough.

If you’ve placed large orders in funds or low-volume stocks, you’ll have to deal with this. however, it occurs when the price does not match the cumulative price of the available shares.

Various other factors such as market opening situation, order size, possible liquidity, availability of extended hours may occur vividly after the possibility of limited selling not working properly.

You can wait for the volume of available stock to match the list prices and therefore execute the order. then your sell limit will start working automatically, if not you can contact robinhood help center.

what happens if a limit order is not executed?

A limit order allows you to pay the minimum amount or equal to your listed price. however, limit orders are only executed during market sessions or just market business hours.

If your limit order doesn’t fill, you’ll need to analyze the market yourself and place the market order that best suits your needs.

Limit orders prevent unnecessary losses and, if not executed, increase the chances of loss during a trade and thus affect the value of profit for the trader. you can re-place a limit order when the stock matches a certain volume.


the robinhood stop loss order allows you to buy and sell your shares at the best possible value by having them fall in the range from high to low. The main operating principle of the stop-loss order is to minimize your losses and maximize your profits by placing orders on all stocks and securities using the Robinhood platform.

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