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One would imagine that since France was so inspiring in the creation of many of our most beloved gambling games, they would be a beacon of light when it comes to online gambling. however, the truth of the matter is far from that. In the real world, France heavily restricts gambling activities. In fact, its gambling laws are so confusing that many people living in France don’t know if they have a legal right to gamble online or not, and if so, where. Fortunately, we’re here to try and clean up the mess.

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france is a mess when it comes to its gambling laws. Officially, French online gambling is regulated by the Online Gaming Regulatory Authority or L’Arjel for short. They claim that all forms of gambling are legal in the country, but are they really?

pmu (pari mutual urbain) and fdj (française des jeux) officially regulate the horse betting and lottery and land-based casino gaming industries, and l’arjel deals with online gambling. however, the jurisdiction of l’arjel covers online gambling, except betting exchanges and online casinos. Who then regulates online casino games and sports betting exchanges? well, the answer is, no one.

French gaming licenses issued by l’arjel may cover sports betting, horse racing and online poker, but nothing more. This essentially means that any online casino operating in France may be doing so illegally.

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l’arjel is in charge of granting licenses to any operators who wish to be involved in the online gambling industries under their jurisdiction. they also spend a lot of time blocking foreign operators that offer casino gaming services to French players. there is an official list of all online casinos that are tolerated or approved by the French gaming commission, but many of them are online poker sites.

In theory, the only way to play online casino games in France is by visiting one of the online sportsbooks or poker sites that have acquired a license from L’Arjel. They may be able to offer you a variety of slots and other traditional casino table games as side games alongside their sports betting or poker offerings, but that’s not the same as playing at a real online casino site.

Sportsbooks tend to offer more side games than online poker sites. If you are a French player and want to do everything to the letter, playing at a French bookmaker that is licensed (but has casino games) might be the best way to go. if not, what can you do? Well, there are always casinos abroad that you might want to play at.

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france is kind of a fun country when it comes to their gambling laws. Although they do not expressly prohibit online casino games for their citizens, they do take the time to hunt down operators that offer their services to citizens in France. perplexed? so are most French players.

A handful of the largest and most notable online casinos are sometimes blacklisted, although it’s not immediately clear if this is done by the ISPs (Internet Service Providers) themselves, or if they are required to do so by l’arjel or other French gaming authorities. however, we know that france does not prosecute its own citizens for playing in french offshore casinos.

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There are a few things you might want to consider. France offshore casinos may be worth a try to start with. French offshore casinos are online casinos that are licensed outside of France, and many of them are legitimate and safe places to play. As long as your French internet service provider hasn’t blocked such sites, there should be nothing stopping you from playing.

If you decide you want to play at a French casino abroad, there are many ways to do so. First of all, try visiting the offshore casino in your web browser. If you can access the casino then your ISP has not blocked you and you can register and play. You won’t have to fear any punishment, as l’arjel only goes after the operators, not the players themselves.

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If you can’t get into the France online casino abroad you want to play at, then it might be time to look into VPNs (Virtual Private Networks). Unlike neighboring Belgium, which has gone to great lengths to make sure VPNs are as ineffective as possible, geo-blocking in France isn’t as strict. chances are high that by using a vpn, you can bypass any local blacklists and play at overseas casinos.

there is another thing that can complicate things. Because they understand that they may not necessarily be welcome in France or could face penalties for offering their services, many foreign casinos deliberately block access to French players. If you find a casino abroad that doesn’t offer games in French, chances are you won’t be able to play there. Any casino that offers French as a language option will likely accept it if you can log into their site to create an account.

The only other alternative for French players to play at a licensed and regulated poker or sports betting site in France. again, you may be able to play proper casino games there, although the selection is likely to be minimal compared to the larger and more internationally renowned online casino sites. The future of online gambling in France is always up in the air. France is subject to the same EU laws regarding fair gaming and open markets as other member states, and by blocking offshore casinos based in other EU countries, they are effectively breaking EU law. If the EU cracks down on this, you should be able to play at any EU licensed online casino. At the moment, the French online gambling scene is growing at a fast pace. Still, the French are unlikely to change their rules and regulations of their own volition without an external push, such as the European Union.

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