Conoce &039Ciudad Bitcoin&039, la descabella idea del presidente de El Salvador

again, it seems that nayib bukele, the president of the government of el salvador, is on everyone’s lips. recently, the president has revealed the plans of the architectural studio fr-ee for the construction of a city based on bitcoin. if the idea wasn’t crazy enough, bukele wants it to be built on the edge of a volcano.

through a post by nayib bukele on his twitter account, the president shared an image of what the city would look like after its development. In addition, although the model has been developed in a gold material, Bukele comments that this will not be the final color of the real product —only that was missing—.

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“no, the city will not be gold metal; that’s just the architect’s choice of color for the model. the actual city will be mostly green and blue. with a beautiful lookout on the volcano.”

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This city based on cryptocurrencies plans to be built in the Gulf of Fonseca, located on the southern coast of El Salvador. In addition, it will be powered by geothermal energy from the Conchagua volcano, an idea as dangerous as it is interesting.

how is the new bitcoin city

Ciudad Bitcoin El Salvador

Los planos, imágenes y maquetas parecen coincidir en que será una ciudad grande y circular. Esta forma, según comentan desde la revista Dezeen, estará basada en la forma de un bitcoin. Asimismo, será el arquitecto mexicano, Fernando Romero, el encargado de su diseño.

The city will be made up of concentric figures that will start from a central square, extending outwards as it grows. the location of this square will be demarcated by the shape of the bitcoin logo, and will also have other landmarks throughout its streets and avenues.

Ciudad Bitcoin El Salvador

Asimismo, Bukele ha revelado que esta ciudad bitcoin contará con un aeropuerto propio -cuya forma también es redondeada-, plazas, y muchos otros elementos propios de una ciudad.

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Of course, in addition to powering the city, the volcano will also serve to mine bitcoins in the area. It is no secret to anyone that cryptocurrency mining is extremely demanding in terms of electrical power, and is one of the most polluting industries today for the same reason.

nayib bukele and his obsession with cryptocurrencies

It is not the first time that the president of the government of El Salvador has made a move of this kind. The president has a pretty good history full of extravagant ideas around cryptocurrencies; specifically bitcoin.

Conoce 'Ciudad Bitcoin', la descabella idea del presidente de El Salvador

Después de que El Salvador se convirtiera en el primer Estado en adoptar el bitcoin completamente, nos preguntamos si realmente estaba dando resultados. Sin embargo, la reciente caída de la criptomoneda ha dejado al país centroamericano al borde de la quiebra; y es que desde septiembre el país viene sumando más de 2 mil trescientas unidades de bitcoin a sus arcas.

However, it seems that El Salvador hasn’t revealed new darling details about its modern bitcoin city. bukele is not the first interested in planning an area of ​​this style. in 2020, singer akon created a contract to build a city based on cryptocurrencies in senegal, and his would be ‘akon city’.

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