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When you want to mine bitcoins, you have two alternatives: you can do it through a cloud mining company, or you can buy and use custom hardware. For us, cloud mining represents the safest investment for your money, and we will explain why. none is cheap, and this is something you should be clear about from the beginning. without further ado, we tell you how to mine bitcoins.

As in any business, prior research is essential here. keep in mind that nothing in the world of cryptocurrencies is guaranteed. any investment could be lost, so inform yourself well before taking out your credit card.

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note: what we give you below is an informative guide, and for no reason should we consider ourselves as financial advisers or advisers.

mining vs investment

hashflare cloud mining and bitcoin regulation


Cuando Bitcoin hizo su aparición en el año 2009, el proceso para extraer o minar la primera criptomoneda del mundo necesitaba poco más que una computadora doméstica, y ni siquiera tenía que ser muy rápida o moderna. En la actualidad, el punto de entrada para el mundo de las criptomonedas es mucho más complicado si se quiere obtener algún beneficio, aunque eso no significa que sea imposible: ya no es la industria casera que alguna vez fue.

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Before we discuss how to mine bitcoin for yourself, it’s important to note that while there is uncertainty in all things cryptocurrency, mining is probably the most volatile decision. hardware price fluctuations, changes in the difficulty of mining bitcoins, and even the lack of a payment guarantee at the end of your hard work, making it a riskier investment than even buying bitcoins outright.

Because of this -and the volatility of the market in general- it can be challenging to know how to profit from bitcoin mining. 2018 saw the mining market plummet in profits and skyrocket in terms of barriers to entry. Unless there is a significant change in bitcoin technology, business as usual is likely to remain the same. A bitcoin is valued at around $50,000 today, but mining it can be very expensive.

In the end, buying bitcoins directly at least gives you something for your money immediately. this is clearly worth considering before going down the mining route.

step 1: choose your mining company

cómo minar Bitcoins

La minería en la nube o “cloud mining” es la práctica de alquilar hardware de minería, y que otra persona haga el trabajo por ti. Generalmente, te pagan por tu inversión con bitcoins, incluso si el hardware no se usa para minar esta criptomoneda. Al igual que con cualquier inversión en general, es importante investigar, porque incluso compañías que pretenden ser las mejores tienen varios detractores y quejas de inversionistas anteriores.

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Several mining companies have come and gone over the years, including ones we’ve talked to and validated directly, like hash flare, who told digital trends in an interview that each of his clients has obtained using earnings from their services. Currently you will be better off with a company like Coinbase, an established and respected cloud mining company. It’s expensive to start, but it’s one of the best options.

For a wider variety of options, cryptocompare has a list of mining companies with user reviews and ratings, though you should be on the lookout as there are plenty of people who are reviewing and taking advantage of the situation.

step 2: choose a mining package

how to mine bitcoin coinbasewallet 720x720

Una vez que hayas escogido una compañía de minería de la nube y te hayas registrado, debes elegir un paquete de minería. Eso normalmente implicará elegir una cierta cantidad de potencia, y combinarlo con cuánto puedes pagar. Por lo general, pagar más te debería dar un mejor rendimiento o un beneficio más rápido, aunque ese no es siempre el caso.

Most cloud mining companies will help you decide, by providing an estimate based on the current market value of bitcoin, the difficulty of mining bitcoins, and cross-referenced with the power you are renting. . however, it is important to note that those numbers can and will change, so it is important to watch market trends and estimate where bitcoin will go before choosing your contract. what may be profitable now may not be if the value of bitcoin crashes.

As long as companies like coinbase continue to offer their calculators, we would suggest using other alternatives to alleviate the potential for any trends to enter the calculation.

Some cloud mining companies will sell you a contract on a “pre-sale” basis. as the name implies, that means you pay up front for a contract that won’t start for weeks – or months – when new hardware becomes available. in most circumstances that is not advisable, because there is no way to guarantee that those contracts will be profitable when they start and there is not even a concrete indication of when that will happen.

step 3: choose a mining pool

Cómo minar bitcoins: todos los pasos a seguir | Digital Trends Español

Después de elegir tu contrato, la mayoría de las empresas te pedirán que elijas un grupo de minería o mining pool. Aquí es donde debes elegir un equipo de minería global para unirte a él.

is a method of increasing the chances of earning bitcoins through mining, and is standard practice in personal and cloud mining. There are pros and cons to different groups that are beyond the scope of this article, but joining an established and proven group with low fees is likely to be your best option.

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One of the most popular and trusted pools for new miners is slush pool, but you should always do your research. as with companies, many groups are not trustworthy.

step 4: select a wallet

Cómo minar bitcoins: todos los pasos a seguir | Digital Trends Español Una vez que hayas completado ese último paso, tu minería en la nube ha sido iniciada. En unos pocos días o semanas, si todo sale bien, deberías comenzar a ver que tu cuenta comienza a llenarse con bitcoins. En este punto, se aconseja que se retiren las criptomonedas de la nube y se depositen en una billetera segura. Sin embargo, algunas compañías de minería en la nube te permitirán reinvertir tus ganancias para obtener un mayor poder de dispersión.

However, whatever you do needs to decide what you are going to do with your bitcoins in the long run. Although you can buy many products and services with bitcoins, prices can fluctuate and you may have to do even more research to see if you are getting a good deal.

Another option is “hodling”, i.e. keeping your bitcoins, this is also a viable strategy for some people. “hodlers” are those people who hold on to their bitcoins because they are convinced that their value has turned out over time. Unfortunately, there is no reliable way to predict the future values ​​of bitcoins.

Of course, we are not financial advisors and we would not suggest that we do anything in particular with your cryptocurrencies. if you decide you want to keep your bitcoins, you should consider a secure, even potentially hardware-based, wallet to store them.

what if I want to mine bitcoins with my own hardware?

Cómo minar bitcoins: todos los pasos a seguir | Digital Trends Español

Antes de que gastes dinero en alguna configuración de hardware o minería, deberías usar una calculadora de minería de bitcoins para ver los costos del proceso. Entonces podrás decidir si es posible que obtengas alguna ganancia con todos los costos considerados. Toma en cuenta que los precios también pueden fluctuar y que los costos de la electricidad pueden variar ampliamente. La minería de bitcoins es exorbitantemente cara para las personas promedio y existe una muy baja posibilidad de que puedas acumular suficientes ganancias dirigiendo tu propia operación.

Because it is very expensive to set up a proper system, we only recommend mining bitcoins if you have proven access to abundant and – crucially – cheap electricity. you also need a strong network connection. When it comes to hardware, only state-of-the-art asic miners offer any hope of earning profit from bitcoin mining, so for direct bitcoin mining, check out the asicminervalue site to see what you need.

An alternative to direct bitcoin mining is to use a service like nicehash to develop your own method. nicehash allows users to plug in their asic or gpu/cpu machines and rent them out for altcoin mining, with all profits sent to you in the form of bitcoins. however, it’s worth checking out the profitability calculator before you start, as you’ll need to consider the relative power of your hardware and the cost of your local electricity to potentially make a profit.

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