5 modi per Comprare Bitcoin con Contanti: la Guida Completa

5 methods to buy bitcoin in contact

Le transazioni in contanti hanno i propri rischi e bisogna stare attenti ogni volta che si hanno contanti con sé. It is particularly worrying at the moment that the amount of money needed to acquire also a small amount of bitcoin could be significant. the risk that derives from the questa realtà può rendere alcuni di questi metodi più interessanti di altri.

localbitcoins is an intermediary that gives consent to all persons to acquire (and sell) bitcoins to another person. Abbina persone based on the position and fornisce preventivi that specifies the price and the amount of bitcoin available from the vendor. The person seizes his own disposition privately, which increases the element of risk.

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The website has a section that lists the transactions associated with truffles and the fees are generally più alte rispetto ad altri exchange. tuttavia, molti venditori non richiedono alcuna identificazione, rendering this transaction completely non-refundable. The website is listed online as well as an alternative to all’incontro di persona.

bitquick allows the abbinare to buy and sell and it is similar to how it works in an exchange. i venditori piazzano i propri bitcoin en garanzia e gli acquirer depositano i fondi per l’acquisto sul bank account del venditore. The transaction is completed when the purchaser provides proof of this deposit.

il fatto che ci sia trasferimento de naro verso un banca e che le parti non si contrano, rende questa transaction più sicura. Tuttavia, the website rich in registration with identification is available only in the stati unit (new york lock).

wallofcoins abbina acquirers and sellers while agisce as an intermediary. Elenca i venditori eat localbitcoins, ma utilizza i bank depositi eat bitquick. It means that the most convenient bank position could not be associated with a vendor who offers the best price.

wallofcoins prices include the fee, the most difficult possono rendere and comparison with the prices on another platform. tuttavia, offers a live chat feature and a green number for customer service. I redeem this characteristic as an option allettante per i new acquirer.

libertyx è il più vicino tra gli exchange ad un’operazione di vendita al dettaglio. The website indicates the position of the affiliate sale based on your postal code. A mobile app is available to find such positions while traveling. the payment and the transfer avvengono presso el vendita point, increasing personal safety.

Tuttavia, it is richiesta l’identificazione e il servizio è aponibile solo negli stati uniti. Inoltre, le sedi partecipanti aggiungono le proprie commissioni in aggiunta a quelle addebitate da freedomx. This position also sets its own minimum and there is a temporary limit of $1,000 per platform.

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myceliumwallet is one of the many mobile applications available through google play to acquire, store and send bitcoins. Most of the applications include a functionality that allows you to acquire the vendors based on their position.

These applications are not fungono da intermediari come le altre piattaforme elencate qui. i finished the exchange, we negotiated with the acquirer and the vendor privately, with the price. While this increases the potential risk, you also consent to the purchaser of the selection and vendor that provides the wish to remain anonymous.

Keep in mind that the cryptocurrency market is extremely dynamic and changes in acquisition limits and operating systems are continually changing. Anyway, if you look like you’re experiencing a rapid change, there’s no new way to acquire bitcoin constantly arriving on the market and generating consistency.

bitcoin ATM

there is a second method of acquiring bitcoins that does not prevent the conflict with the seller, neither the person nor the intermediary. this is the atm bitcoin. If you try to sportelli bitcoin connected to the internet that accettano denaro come mezzo di pagomento.

If you notice that the use of the “atm” address may be a source of confusion, when it is typically associated with a bank. gli atm bitcoin non sono casse automatiche e non sono collegati ad alcun banking institute. Piuttosto, possono essere considerati come computer con dispositivi di input che accettano valuta e transferiscono bitcoin su a portafoglio novo or one già esistente.

Various forms of trading in front of bitcoin ATMs and the number of degli sportelli is increasing rapidly. sebbene siano più diffusi negli stati uniti, la maggior parte dei paesi offer at least one sportello. It is not rare to find atm bitcoin located in the minimarket and in the service stations, negli stati units, generated by the owner of the sportello with little or no maintenance.

atm function

poiche operates in various ways, it is not a standard procedure used in a bitcoin ATM. However, this version is equipped with a touchscreen and fornisce detailed instructions. gli atm bitcoin sono chiaramente progettati per i new acquirer.

I will take security precautions that apply to all uses of a qualified ATM, which is also valid for the use of a bitcoin ATM. The amount of bitcoin that can be acquired varies from second to machine.

alcuni atm bitcoin create a new bitcoin portfolio per ogni acquisto e alcuni consentono di depositare le monete appena acquistate in an existing portfolio. Instructions for your choice of options are available for your request. gli atm bitcoin that creates a new portfolio as an option or, by predefined setting, stamps a paper wallet di carta per other transaction.

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The paper wallet presents a qr or alphanumeric code that includes both the public key and the private key. and bitcoin is effectively memorized by its blockchain and the information in its letter contains all the information necessary to access it. These are important information and dovrebbero essere conserve carefully.

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punti chiave your come to decide

Valutare tutte queste opzioni per l’acquisto di bitcoin contanti può sembrar a complicated processo, ma considers che non tutte le opzioni potrebbero essere availabili per tutti gli acquirer. alcuni, eat gli atm bitcoin and libertyx, non sono comuni nelle località rurali. tuttavia, per gli acquirers that have a vast range of options, and following points possono essere utilis.

the safety prima di tutto

The reason for personal safety is on top of the list of priorities for the acquisition of bitcoin in contanti. In general, considering that you acquire and possess cryptocurrency, it is likely that you will have some methods and suggestions to protect your device and your cryptocurrency. I will find a person I know to effectuate a transaction of affairs that gives me ideas of all the individuals who have done something else. This concern is evident from the fact that there are many exchanges that promote the finding of a specific person who is aware of farsi accompanies anyone.


Other of the different methods of acquiring bitcoin in contanti has a lower and upper limit of various amounts that can be acquired. This is clearly a determining factor in the scelta di a piattaforma. Like the rest of the bitcoin market, this limit is not changing quickly and dovrebbero essere controllati sul sito appropriato prima di scegliere un’opzione.


I referred to the “bitcoin price” was slightly fuorvianti. The market has diverse prices for bitcoin. A review of options for personal sales, ad example, shows bitcoin offered at various prices. other piattaforme have only a single price. The volatility of the price at the time of purchase can make it interesting to consider one option.


the rates are difficult to value because they are not always transparent. Certainly, this is a peccato perché le commissioni sulle transazioni più basse sono più allettanti. However, due to the difficoltà e la variazione del prizzo tra le piattaforme, the approccio più ragionevole potrebbe essere quelo de considerar el cost totale della transazione piuttosto che il livello delle commissioni adebitate.


This fattore can indicate if the position of the time of travel per exchange or bitcoin ATM, but also indicate the anonymous status fornite of the platform. Some acquirers potrebbero prefer to postarsi a po’ pur di non fornire verifies its identity, altri potrebbero prefer la sicurezza.

Bilanciare questi fattori implies that there is no “migliore” method to buy bitcoin in exchange for money. the market in via di sviluppo has created a series of options that, secondly from the position, possono consentire alla maggior part of the acquisition di find the headquarters that soddisfi le loro esigenze. While the market continues to grow, the plan described above will continue to expand and other options may be available.

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