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Robinhood is considered by many to be the investment platform of choice for millennials and Gen Z. The company has removed the barriers to entry for many young people by removing much of the complexity and baggage associated with more traditional routes to trade and investment.

Since 2015, new traders have been able to upload a simple mobile app and execute trades with the click of a button. Robinhood’s interface provides an intuitive overview of charts and market developments so users can stay up to date on their portfolios.

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This article will provide an exhaustive comparison of robinhood with cryptocurrency-only exchanges and review the best options available to those aspiring to enter the world of cryptocurrency investing.

how to buy crypto on robinhood

As a new robinhood investor, you can start the process of buying cryptocurrencies by logging into your robinhood account via the desktop or mobile apps. You will need to transfer money from your bank account, which will be held as “brokerage cash” on the robinhood platform. this deposited amount is now your purchasing power to buy stocks and cryptocurrencies through the app.

All cryptocurrency trading is done through a separate robinhood cryptocurrency account, which some users may not be able to access depending on their state or country. states like hawaii in the usa uu. does not currently offer cryptocurrency trading with robinhood.

To buy crypto on the robinhood app, you will need to:

  1. Navigate to the search icon located in the bottom center of the screen. then search for “crypto” to bring up a list of all tradable cryptocurrencies, or search for the specific cryptocurrency you want to buy.
  1. once you have opened the list of available cryptocurrencies, make your selection to go to their page. for example, if you select ether, you will be redirected to the ether trading page. the page will have live price data at the top and a graph of activity ranging from “live” to historical data from five years ago.
  1. Navigate to the bottom of the screen to choose the “trade” or “buy” button. the trading option will only be enabled if you already own some of this crypto with robinhood. Pressing the “buy” button will take you to a purchase screen where you can enter the amount of fiat currency you would like to use to purchase your crypto.
  1. the screen will tell you how much in crypto you will get with your purchase. for example, 50 usd will only be enough to buy a fraction of a bitcoin, while it would allow you to buy several coins of smaller value coins, e.g. dogecoin. review the business information and make sure you are comfortable with the purchase.
  1. when prompted, swipe up to confirm and submit your order. you have now invested in cryptocurrencies!

what is purchasing power?

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Buying power in robinhood refers to the amount of funds you have available in your account to purchase stocks or cryptocurrencies. You may already have other funds invested in stocks, but these will not be available to invest in other assets unless you sell your stock and convert the funds back to “brokerage cash.”

robinhood users can acquire more purchasing power with margin. This means that you would be borrowing funds from Robinhood to add to your open trading positions. Investors must have at least $2,000 in their accounts in order to use this feature. Additionally, users will need to sign up for a Robinhood Gold account to enable margin trading.

Generally speaking, this option is not recommended for new investors as margin trading carries higher risk. users can potentially lose more funds than they have deposited, which is generally not the case with regular investments.

do you have cryptocurrencies in robinhood?

However, robinhood has plans in the works to allow merchants to open crypto wallets and have the option to transfer their crypto holdings off the platform.

Do you own cryptocurrencies when you use other exchanges?

Users have the option to maintain funds in their coin-based wallets, but their crypto assets may be subject to a hold or freeze at any time in their accounts.

what currencies and tokens does robinhood support?

how much are the trading fees?

One of robinhood’s biggest selling points is its commission-free trading structure. This means that with a standard Robinhood account, users will not have to pay trading fees. it is free to open an account, maintain it and carry out transactions. However, if you are using Robinhood Gold for advanced trading, you will need to pay a $5 monthly subscription fee, in addition to any accrued interest on margin used.

why won’t robinhood let me buy crypto?

If robinhood doesn’t allow you to buy cryptocurrencies, it could be for one of the following reasons:

  • You don’t have enough purchasing power. you cannot use margin for cryptocurrency trades, so you will need to deposit enough funds to cover your purchase. For example, if you want to buy $50 worth of crypto, you will need to have the full amount in brokerage cash equivalent.
  • Your account has been frozen. If Robinhood has restricted your account due to activity that goes against its terms, you will not be able to purchase crypto until the issue is resolved.
  • crypto is not available in your area. If Robinhood has not enabled cryptocurrency trading for your country or state, you will not be able to purchase crypto through the app.

how to sell crypto on robinhood

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If you already have crypto holdings on robinhood, you can sell them by navigating from your investment lists to your crypto. Once you have selected the cryptocurrency you wish to sell, press “trade/sell” at the bottom of the screen.

You will then see the option to sell all or part of your crypto holdings. select the amount you would like to sell and review your trade. once the trade is complete, the value of the crypto you have sold will be exchanged back for brokerage cash. You can then withdraw any amount you want in fiat currency from Robinhood to your bank account.

Please note that you will need to pay capital gains tax on any crypto you have sold with robinhood. the platform has user-friendly tax documents that are available on both the mobile and desktop apps.

how does robinhood compare?

How does robinhood compare to other investment brokers and cryptocurrency exchanges? robinhood does some things very well. provides users with a streamlined, fee-free mobile experience for simplified investing. Robinhood’s motto is “investing for everyone,” and the company has done a remarkable job of bringing in a new generation of traders.

however, those looking to make long-term investments with vehicles like mutual funds and retirement accounts would be better off looking at traditional options like vanguard. meanwhile, those who are primarily interested in cryptocurrency ownership would be better off buying their coins through a specific cryptocurrency exchange.

daily trading on robinhood

many use robinhood for short term and day trading strategies. the platform is great for these investors as they enjoy zero commission fees and good margin fees. the app is incredibly easy to use and it’s easy to operate from anywhere.

Advanced traders, however, may want more from their trading software and brokerage. Companies like Charles Shwab, Fidelity, and Ameritrade have been around much longer and provide professional day traders with all the advanced tools they need to do business. They have also started offering fee-free transactions in an attempt to compete with Robinhood. Whether or not you choose Robinhood as a day trading platform will ultimately come down to the tools and support you need as a trader.

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