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then who is it?

is one of the greatest mysteries of our time, a mystery that haunts even the best detectives.

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Who is Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator or creators of bitcoin, the popular cryptocurrency at the origin of the big bang of traditional finance for almost 13 years?

many people have claimed in the past to have discovered the identity of satoshi nakamato only to finally admit defeat.

elon musk, the capricious CEO of tesla (tsla) and spacex has revived the rumors again and reactivated all the budding internet sleuths.

The billionaire posted on his Twitter account on Wednesday a meme of a post published on the medium site in November 2017.

This meme shows that the pseudonym ‘satoshi nakamoto’ is a set of letters from the names of four electronic companies: samsung, toshiba, nakamichi and motorola.

musk doesn’t add words or say the message he wants to convey. therefore, we are left to speculate.

four companies

The pseudonym was probably chosen by someone or a group of people who wanted to completely cover their tracks. a person or a group of people who probably don’t want to be found or satoshi nakamoto was created by the four companies. in short, musk’s tweet revives all conspiracy theories

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The post addressed to his more than 77.2 million followers has already received more than 480,000 likes at the time of writing.

In the process, Musk drew comment from his fans as well as headlines in the crypto space. musk, it must be emphasized, is one of the champions of cryptography. He especially likes the meme coin Dogecoin, which he accepts as payment for his merchandise. Tesla also had $1.99 billion worth of bitcoins on its balance sheet as of December 1. 31.

“if you look hard enough, you’ll see satoshi nakamoto everywhere,” commented billionaire michael saylor, a bitcoin investor

“wow, the creator of bitcoin is half Japanese, quarter Korean and quarter American,” exclaimed billy markus, the creator of dogecoin.

other comments asked if musk was satoshi nakamoto. therefore, he revealed his identity through this tweet.

“imagine @elonmusk comes out and says it’s satoshi…”

“Do you have something to tell us?” another user wrote.

fintech blockfi was one of those who ironically wondered if the billionaire was not the famous satoshi nakamoto.

“could it be?” the company tweeted with the white paper on the creation of bitcoin with the name satoshi nakamoto at the top and an email address with the first name “elon”.

is it musk?

musk has previously denied that he was the creator of bitcoin.

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“not true. a friend sent me part of a btc a few years ago, but I don’t know where it is,” the billionaire tweeted in 2017.

musk, however, has never said a word about another theory that he is friends with and knows the real nakamato. This theory is usually accompanied by this photo, which was reposted by a user who was commenting on his latest tweet.

“is that elon you and satoshi nakamoto?” the user asked.

This vintage photo was included in Musk’s biography entitled “Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future” by Ashlee Vance. Image shows Musk in the early 1990s at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. The other person in the photograph is probably Navaid Farooq, one of Musk’s college friends, according to the book.

while we wait for the answer, we must admit that musk seems obsessed with the identity of the founders of bitcoin. Last year, the world’s richest man indicted Nick Szabo, the computer scientist behind the smart contracts that are at the heart of decentralized finance (DEFI).

Szabo’s work also laid the foundation for cryptocurrencies, industry players agree. but she denied in 2017 being the elusive satoshi nakamoto.

“Well, you can see the evolution of ideas before bitcoin was launched and see who wrote about those ideas,” Musk told AI researcher Lex Fridman on Dec. 28.

added that: “it seems that nick szabo is probably, more than anyone else, responsible for the evolution of those ideas.”

People have been trying to identify who Satoshi Nakamoto is ever since the paper “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System” was posted on a crypto mailing list in 2008. While several people have claimed to be Nakamoto, this person or the identity of persons remains a mystery.

several other people have been accused of being nakamoto or have indicated that they were, but so far no irrefutable evidence has been provided.

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