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  • eric weinstein is well known for his engaging and thought provoking views on theoretical physics and has commented on bitcoin maximalism.
  • in a 2021 statement, weinstein referred to bitcoiners as ” the logical saviors”. of physics,” highlighting his conversation focused on the physics behind the protocol.
  • The conversation painted a not-so-obvious framework of centralization that inevitably leads to bitcoin changing the world.

eric weinstein, managing director of thiel capital and host of “the portal” podcast, took to the main stage at bitcoin 2022 to talk about fixing humanity’s monetary systems. Weinstein was joined by Abraham (Avi) Loeb, an Israeli-American theoretical physicist and professor of science at Harvard University.

weinstein is known to have interesting views when it comes to bitcoin. A twitter thread from 2021 became particularly interesting when another user asked Weinstein to become a bitcoiner, to which he replied, “no. your job is to unleash the physics. mine, to set you free.”

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weinstein went on to write: “however, i would come to any credible meeting to free the genius of satoshi from losing anonymity to the ledger that is the blockchain.”

that comment reads as contradictory, however, in the same tweet, weinstein stated: “bitcoiners are the logical saviors of physics.” This brings us to his conversation with Loeb at bitcoin 2022, the aforementioned “credible meeting” in which they discussed not only the possibility of bitcoin’s success, but the need for it to save us all.

To kick off the conference appearance, Weinstein didn’t shy away from discussions he’s had with bitcoin maximalists in the past.

“A lot of you may know me from getting in trouble with bitcoiners in the clubhouse,” he said.

At this point, the crowd watched as Weinstein and Loeb took a sharp left turn in conversation. it seemed that the conversation was meant to focus on UFOs and the discovery of previously undefined objects entering our solar system. this was a clever frame for the intended conversation.

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“the reason i’m here with you at bitcoin 2022 is that there’s something in common,” loeb explained. “The government may possess data or classify data from objects that they couldn’t really identify.”

Commonly, the centralized distribution of information from a government agency represents a metaphor for centrally planned financial systems that ultimately determine the direction of global economies. this problem becomes more acute when one realizes the inefficiencies of government entities.

“The government works in a system that is opaque. different parts of government don’t know each other,” loeb said.

The question that arises at this point in your conversation is, where do we look for answers to the problems of money and the world?

weinstein and loeb made several comments about looking sideways at your cosmic neighbors in the hope that they might have an answer or information you don’t know about. who is the cosmic neighbor with information that these two brilliant individuals are missing?

“If you think about it, bitcoiners are the first people to break into the logical layer that breaks the constraints of the logical layer,” Weinstein explained.

At this point, the conversation turned to discussing the incentivization of bitcoin and how it calls for the primacy of human nature while protecting and serving its users, aligning with humanity’s most basic callings, yet ensuring its success.

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“Bitcoin recognizes that humans are human,” Weinstein said. “The amazing thing is that, by appealing to our base nature, it also appeals to freedom and liberty.”

weinstein returned to the theme of maximalism when he discussed the repeated nature of bitcoiners to defend their truth, without recourse.

“While this community can be very aggressive and you have your immune system, you also have some of the most progressive people,” he said.

a community like this has clearly experienced a very deep form of inspiration, according to weinstein, which surely means success.

“A community that has seen a miracle in its life transforms the lives of many people around the world,” Weinstein said.

If bitcoin can break the constraints of physics as we know it and enable a multi-planetary existence that pushes the boundaries of what it means to be human by breaking down what we think we know, then we may possibly experience something we’ve never felt before. .

“The collapse of Einstein’s theory of gravity may allow an advanced scientific culture to do things that seem magical to us,” Loeb told Weinstein.

bitcoin 2022 is part of the bitcoin event series organized by btc inc, the parent company of bitcoin magazine.

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