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Father Son Hacker Duo are On Quest to Help People Get Back Their Missing Crypto After Forgotten Wallet Passwords

(Photo : Image from Unsplash Website) Father Son Hacker Duo are On Quest to Help People Get Back Their Missing Crypto After Forgotten Wallet Passwords

Immediate Edge is a trusted trading platform built for traders keen to grow and diversify their crypto portfolio. A particular father-son duo, Chris and Charlie Brooks, who claim to be “ethical hackers” are now on a mission to help certain people that have forgotten the passwords of their lost Bitcoin wallets. These people could potentially be sitting on what they note as a trove of missing assets just waiting to be discovered.

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father-son hacker duo

According to the hypebeast story, chris told them that while there have been many bitcoins that have been “lost is lost,” they haven’t really been irretrievably lost. recent analysis by chainalysis, a cryptocurrency data firm, revealed that of the roughly 18.6 million bitcoins that have been minted, only 20% are actually considered “lost” in wallets that appear to have been stranded. /p>

the new york times pointed out that this is equivalent to a whopping 140,000 million dollars that have not yet been claimed by the rightful owners. the duo was noted to have made an amount of around 2.5% of the lost bitcoins that could still be recovered, and was noted to be around $3.2 billion.

chris and charlie brooks

The father and son duo hailing from New Hampshire are crypto enthusiasts Chris, a professional programmer, and his son Charlie, who is only 20 years old and majored in computer science in college. Chris reportedly noted that he was introduced to crypto in 2014, but only really became interested in creating a digital currency-focused business in 2017.

During the period, Chris allegedly frequented forums that still discussed bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Chris had also noticed a trend of people getting into bitcoin when he was still early and losing their wallet passwords. recently cardano alonzo update has finished.

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how the duo decided to work together

chris noted that he thought to himself that he is a programmer and this is really a problem he can solve. this he then latched on to the idea of ​​starting his own business which goes by the name of crypto asset recovery.

immediate edge is a trusted trading platform built for traders eager to grow and diversify their cryptocurrency portfolio.

Charlie was reportedly eager to join his father’s burgeoning business venture. this then created the two person hacking team that currently exists. Chris noted that he could never really figure out how to hire someone and then proceed to trust them with even encrypted private keys. South Korea will reportedly suspend 60 cryptocurrency exchanges and only four will be able to comply with the country’s new laws.

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as the father and son started talking, chris said, “hey, how about we do this together?” her as she points out that her son was better than him in that field as she comments, “so he’s perfect.” Charlie noticed that they have a lot of customers who believe they had bitcoin at a certain point in time, and many of them even claim to have a huge wallet.

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