Growth Investing – Stock Buying strategy for Investors

There are dozens of young and small growing companies, but what would be the best option for investment in growth? Do we have any formula to determine the potential of a growth stock? no, there are none. If you want to assess the growth potential of a stock, you need to look at and interpret the company’s subjective and objective factors. In addition, you also have to look at personal judgment and intuition; In growth stocks, intuition also adds value, while other investments should be more practical than emotion-based. you can consider some of the following factors,

  • historic growth

Although the companies are small and young, historical growth is one of the determining factors. For small businesses, a growth investor may look at the growth of the business over the years. If there is no significant growth in the company, you may not want to invest.

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Pretax profit margin is important to consider when looking for a company to invest in for growth. We consider profit over sales as the company may have a good number of sales, but its profit or revenue figures may not be as good or attractive. If profits are lower despite high sales, the company is having a big problem managing revenue and controlling costs. it is considered the best if the company exceeds the average pre-tax profit margin compared to the last five years.

One of the most important factors is how much money the company has generated in revenue with the money shareholders have invested. This number can be calculated by dividing net income by shareholders’ equity. the best practice is to compare this value with data from the last five years; if the numbers are stable or higher, the company is doing well.

Each quarter or year, a company releases a public statement of the company’s earnings for a specified period. These numbers are great for analyzing whether the company is doing well and is responsible when it comes to profits. They help investors determine which companies are likely to grow above current and average rates. these public statements are announced made on specific dates of the quarter or year.

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A good stock performance can have a significant impact when choosing a growth investment company if the company’s stock performs well and doubles in the next 5-7 years with at least 10% growth . this could be a good sign for a company to invest in growth.


growth investing is the strategy in which the main objective is to increase the capital of the investor. A growth investor invests in young or small companies that are expected to grow in the near future.

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