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i am sure you are looking for a vpn that can completely hide your ip location from your desktop or laptop, let me introduce you to the 911 vpn department that many also call 911 dollar vpn or $911 vpn which has the ability to hide your location and access any website on the internet. read on to know more about this powerful vpn.

recent news about 911 vpn

In today’s recent 911 vpn news, the vpn company has announced its closure on its official website. if you still need to use vpn check out 911 vpn alternative which is also good as 911 dollar vpn.

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what are the uses of 911 vpn?

Have you ever accessed some websites on the internet and all they say is “sorry, you don’t have permission to access this site”, “this website is not available in your country”, “access denied ” and more? Have you ever wondered why you can’t access it and it shows you that message? the reason is simple and there are several reasons for that, let me tell you a few, some website owners for security reasons would want their websites to only be accessible to the countries they want their users to be from. for example there is a website in the united states of america by the name this website for now is only intended for us citizens so if you are outside of america and open this website you will be blocked the access.

Another example is that your host country may have legislation against access to a particular website, so people from that country cannot access our website. a good example is the blocking of youtube, google, facebook and other websites in china that prevent citizens from accessing them. that in the near future, other countries, including your country, may block you from accessing your favorite website that you like to visit a lot; well, this is not a prophecy in any way.

Looking at the previous examples I have given so far, all hope is not lost yet, this is when 911 vpn comes in to rescue you from all the blocks. When you install and activate 911 dollar vpn, you can access any website, whether the block is from the website company or from your host country, all limits will be removed.

Want to download free 911 vpn software? click here

what are the characteristics of 911 vpn?

911 vpn comes with several features that are very useful for accessing restricted websites around the world.

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below are some of the features available on the 911 vpn;

  • has representatives in about 190 countries.
  • ability to use 1 proxy for approximately 24 hours before fading or expiring.
  • ability to drag and drop browsers onto the vpn software to access it from there.
  • ability to hide only a section of your computer location or the entire computer location.
  • ability to use proxies from states or regions within a country of your choosing.
  • has socks5 protocol
  • unmetered bandwidth
  • no expiration dates.

what is the price of 911 vpn?

911 vpn comes in different prices and for all we know, the higher the price, the better it gets. Even though each 911 vpn plan you buy has the same level of security, what changes is the number of proxies each plan contains. meaning the higher the price, the more proxies you get and the longer you can use it. see below for 911 vpn prices.

what is the official website for 911 vpn?

I understand why you are asking this question, the internet seems to be no man’s land, therefore it is important to browse the web with caution so that you are not tricked into accessing a different website than the one you intend to access.

Now let’s get to the point. 911 vpn has four (4) different official websites that when you visit them will take you to one place. their official websites are as follows;


how to buy 911 vpn.

911 vpn accepts various payment methods bitcoin, litecoin, webmoney, alipay and unionpay, with bitcoin being the easiest and cheapest payment method through the satoshi wallet.

I will show you how you can buy the 911vpn using a bitcoin, just follow the steps below;

  1. First set up a bitcoin account and depending on the plan you want to buy, make sure to increase the amount by a small amount, for example if you want to buy $20. vpn, you will need to make sure you have around $25 worth of bitcoins in your account or wallet.
  2. now that you have some amount in your bitcoin account, visit any of the official 911 vpn websites which are;,,, or whichever you open is fine.
  3. on the 911 website, click the register button, I know if this is your first time, you’ll be a little curious or scared, but don’t worry, it’s simpler than you thought .

once you click the register button you will be given a form to fill out please make sure you use a valid or correct email address you can log in to that email at any time so that in In case you forget your 911 vpn password, you can retrieve it at any time. Please make sure you have money available in your bitcoin wallet before starting this process of completing the 911 vpn registration form.

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Fill every point in the form and remember to save all the details somewhere safe because when you them it might hurt you in the future when you forget your 911 VPN username and password. Once the registration is done successfully and payment is done, you will be take to your user dashboard where you can download a copy of the 911 VPN Software.

what is 911 dollar vpn used for?

Let’s say you live in a country where you are prohibited from using a certain website due to the laws of your country or even because the website administrator has decided to restrict your country’s access to the website using the ip address of his country.

just like any vpn, 911 vpn helps you change your local ip and replace it with another country ip address on your computer. making it appear that you are browsing the internet from your destination country.

911 vpn gives you an interface where you drag and drop your preferred browser that you intend to use to surf the web. once this is done and 991 activated, the browser is protected or secured by 911 vpn.

Does 911 vpn expire?

well, unlike other vpns where the expiration date is given. eg 1 month, 2 months, 6 months, etc. 911 dollar vpn has no expiration date. you just buy a package that comes with a certain number of proxies, with a minimum of 130 proxies and a maximum of 4000 proxies. obviously, the higher the proxies, the higher the price you have to pay for the package.

now let’s say you bought the package with 130 proxies. when you activate 1 proxy out of 130 proxies, it means you have 129 intact proxies left. you can use each proxy until it weakens before moving to activate another proxy. Depending on the task you are performing with your 911 VPN, each proxy, when activated, can stay strong and serve its purpose for approximately 24 hours.

When it comes to the 911 vpn expiration date, this is where it gets interesting. once you have the remaining proxies intact, it means your 911 vpn is still active. even if you use all your active proxies to leave only 1 proxy, it means your 911 vpn is active. you can wait months later to use your remaining proxy/proxies.

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