9 Exchanges to Buy Crypto & Bitcoin in New York (2022)

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Reading: How to buy bitcoin in new york

what exchanges are supported for new york residents?

does kucoin work in new york?

kucoin is not supported by us residents therefore it does not allow new york residents to sign up.

does work in new york? is available at 49 US dollars. states can surely guess which state is the last to stand. yes, you got it: new york.

does binance work in new york?

Binance homepage

As of March 2021, Binance is not available to any clients living in New York.

if this ever changes, we will update this page to reflect that change.

Please note that no one in the US can use

binance has a special website for our clients at

Due to our regulations, binance us is stricter in handling kyc and aml of new clients.

this just means that verification may take a bit longer than it would on normal binance.

the biggest difference between binance us and regular binance is coin support as well as some of the features available to users.

Because of this, you should not just look at the supported coins listed on and assume that binance will sell them to you.

does kraken work in new york?

kraken homepage

kraken is not available in new york. the company ceased operations in the state in 2015, as a direct consequence of what they called the “abominable bitlicense”.

does coinbase work in new york?

does gemini work in new york?

gemini homepage

new york is home to gemini, and the winklevoss brothers’ company was one of the first to receive a bit license allowing them to operate in the state. gemini is an active supporter of crypto regulation, believing it will lead to a more secure ecosystem and greater adoption.

does coinmama work in new york?

coinmama does not work in new york.

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Reading: How to buy bitcoin in new york

new york can make a compelling claim to be the center of world finance. indeed, the city is the undisputed capital of American banking and business.

With the face of finance changing so rapidly over the past two decades, you might think that the New York establishment would be open to new ideas, new technologies, and new forms of money.

new york was an early haven for bitcoin enthusiasts and innovators, like charlie shrem’s startup bitinstant, which was founded in brooklyn in 2012.

charlie shrem portrait

Yet the aggressive approach that New York’s financial regulators have taken makes things difficult for many New Yorkers looking to get into crypto.

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The bitlicense, a license only granted to government-approved companies, means that all cryptocurrency exchanges and service providers operating in the state are highly regulated. one could argue that this protects New Yorkers from shady operators, or drives them to seek other, less regulated providers.

The introduction of bitlicense was met with applause from some sections of the crypto community, such as the winklevoss twins of gemini, and resignation from others, including shapeshift, bitfinex, and kraken, the latter of whom called it “a creature so gross.” , so vicious that not even the kraken possesses the courage or strength to stand up to its nasty, large, pointed teeth.” No other US state has taken such a proactive approach to creating and toughening laws regarding cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

Despite this official ambivalence regarding the number one cryptocurrency, other organizations in the state have been getting in on the action. greenridge generation is a natural gas-fired power plant located in upstate new york, near dresden, in the finger lakes region. In March 2020, the company announced that it had terminated its bitcoin mining farm. 7,000 mining rigs, powered by on-site generated power in excess of customer demand, push the facility to mine about 5.5 btc per day (pre-2020 halving). this requires about 14 megawatts of the plant’s maximum output of 106 megawatts.

Shortly after going online, Greenridge announced that it had sold 30% of its hashing power to private investors: mostly hedge funds and family offices. buyers benefit by gaining exposure to (usually) profitable bitcoin mining without having to buy and set up their own equipment. greenridge benefits from locking in certain prices and having an initial source of income to fuel its operations.

Despite the restrictions of the bit license, if you’re looking to buy bitcoin, the safest and easiest way to do so remains through an exchange.

If you prefer to limit the amount of personal information you are giving out, you can buy bitcoin using cash at a bitcoin ATM, or with cash plus a wide range of payment methods such as paypal and gift cards at localbitcoins.

No matter where you buy your bitcoin, you’ll need to store it somewhere. exchange wallets are notorious for hacks, and there are much safer options out there to suit a variety of needs, from easy-to-use software wallets to top-of-the-line hardware wallets.

because of the bitlicense, are cryptocurrency exchanges legal in new york?

The short answer is: yes.

As long as a company has a valid bit license while doing business in new york or with new yorkers, it is perfectly within the law to provide cryptocurrency services. this is exactly what bitlicense was created for.

the first crypto company to receive a bit license was circle, the company you may know from being in charge of the usdc stablecoin.

Since then, 24 other companies have received (nydfs) approval, including well-known exchanges like gemini and coinbase, as well as xrp ii, the legal entity of ripple.

However, some exchanges, including bitfinex and shapeshift, decided to cancel their operations in new york rather than apply for a bit license.

The heavy-handed approach to regulation that the nydfs was taking and the lengthy process of applying for a bit license were criticized. many feared that the combination of these two factors would kill off the grassroots growth that made bitcoin truly decentralized.

While the nydfs has signaled that it may be open to relaxing bit license terms to attract talent and capital to the state, the regulations are still in full force for now.

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Reading: How to buy bitcoin in new york

there are three main types of bitcoin wallet and all of them are supported in new york:

  • software (desktop or mobile – ios and android wallets
  • hardware wallet
  • cold storage (paper or steel wallets, the latter are used for make a backup of your main wallet.

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Reading: How to buy bitcoin in new york

ethereum (eth) has established itself as the second most popular digital currency, after bitcoin. its smart contract functions allow to create unique applications on its platform. Below you will find exchanges in new york that allow you to buy ethereum. once you buy, you need to withdraw your eth directly to your own crypto wallet.

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Reading: How to buy bitcoin in new york

Thanks to Tesla founder Elon Musk, Dogecoin (Doge), a currency that began as a meme about the Shiba Inu dog, has recently become a popular digital currency. Below you can find cryptocurrency exchanges in Canada that allow you to buy Dogecoin.

About Dogecoin: Dogecoin has become one of the most famous altcoin blockchains. dogecoin was founded by jackson palmer and billy markus on december 6, 2013. thanks to its popularity on robinhood, it reached an all-time high of $0.42 on april 20. doge started the year below $0.01 usd. it is an open source blockchain, which means its code is publicly available for anyone to see.

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Reading: How to buy bitcoin in new york

litecoin (ltc) is one of the largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. Below you can find a list of brokerages in New York that allow you to buy Litecoin and other crypto assets at good exchange rates.

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Reading: How to buy bitcoin in new york

In September 2021, a central suffolk county IT supervisor named christopher naples was charged with theft and misconduct for setting up 46 mining computers on the premises. the machines were hidden under the floorboards and it is estimated that they stole about $6,000 worth of electricity. Naples faces up to 15 years in prison for the mining operation. It is still unknown how many cryptocurrencies were mined during the time the machines were in operation.

It is never a good idea to steal electricity to mine cryptocurrencies. a better and safer way is to make a purchase through an exchange, like the ones described above.

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Reading: How to buy bitcoin in new york

Despite the aggressive approach that the New York Attorney General has taken to the regulation and prosecution of cryptocurrencies, some shady individuals have still tried to make a quick buck from naive investors.

Perhaps the biggest (alleged) New York related crypto scam is the most popular stablecoin: Tether (USDT). New York Attorney General Letitia James filed a lawsuit against Hong Kong-based Ifinex Inc. – the operator of bitfinex and owner of tether – claiming that the company printed up to $850 million in unbacked tether to cover unreported losses.

This could have been a trick by bitfinex, which would have decided to cover up the intrusion and pay customer withdrawals by creating a new tether.

tether, which it claims, however, has never been definitively shown to be 1:1 backed by us. uu. dollars, denies the accusations and disputes them in court.

On a smaller scale, several people have been charged in New York for bitcoin scams.

a man was arrested at jfk airport on his way back from ukraine, where police found him in possession of thousands of illegally obtained credit card numbers. the doj alleges that vitalii antonenko made over $140,000 worth of btc selling these card numbers over a six year period.

antonenko used sql injection attacks to search the internet for websites with vulnerabilities that could expose sensitive information, from which he obtained credit card numbers. Police were alerted after seeing a large volume of BTC trading hands on a third party website for a rate well below market rate.

In 2019, the department of homeland security and prosecutors for the southern district of new york charged a man with wire fraud after he ran a cryptocurrency scam defrauding investors of their money under false pretenses, a charge that It carries a maximum of 20 years in prison. asa saint clair allegedly encouraged people to invest in igobit by the world sports alliance, an intergovernmental organization that promoted international development through sports. the problem is that none of the money went to igobit. Instead, it went to international flights, dining in New York restaurants, and personal online purchases.

See also: Even amid the crash, there&039s some optimism about the future of crypto – Marketplace

Reading: How to buy bitcoin in new york

where can i find a bitcoin ATM in new york?

The best way to find a bitcoin ATM in New York is to use our bitcoin ATM lookup tool.

Here, you can filter by any of the most popular cryptocurrencies and find ATMs that support buying, selling, or both.

what can i buy with bitcoin in new york city?

coinmap lists hundreds of physical businesses in new york city that accept bitcoin as a form of payment, from clothing retailers to bars, restaurants, and nightclubs.

With the number of online stores accepting bitcoins increasing by the day, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a place to spend your bitcoins.

You can buy xbox games and windows phone apps on the microsoft store with bitcoin, or shop all products knowing you can pay with bitcoin thanks to their partnership with coinbase.

what is the new york bilicense? who created it?

the bitlicense is essentially a seal of approval from the new york department of financial services (nydfs), certifying that the recipient is authorized to provide cryptocurrency services in the state of new york.

how much is bitcoin capital gains tax in new york?

Capital gains tax is something to consider, whether you’re a day trader or a longer-term investor. the withdrawal will incur capital gains tax if the value of your bitcoin has appreciated since you bought it.

That said, the tax code is notoriously complicated, so it’s not always easy to figure out what capital gains tax rate applies to your specific situation. Combine that with the fact that many accountants are unfamiliar with the ins and outs of cryptocurrency trading, and it can seem like an impenetrable problem.

A variety of software has emerged to address this problem, and with a little effort on your part (mostly just exporting your trading history and importing it into the program), calculating your crypto taxes has never been easier.

Check out our guide to the best cryptocurrency tax calculators out there.

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