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do you know how to transfer coins from coinbase to ledger?

both ledger nano s and nano x are hardware wallet options you can use to securely store your cryptocurrency.

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coinbase is a cryptocurrency exchange and, like most exchanges, allows you to choose between being able to store your assets online or offline in your hardware wallet.

how to transfer coins from coinbase to ledger nano x or s

Before knowing how to transfer coins from coinbase to ledger nano s or x, you need to have all your device set up.

Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions so you can download the correct software.

1. connect your ledger

connect your ledger nano x or s to your computer.

  • open the ledger live app and type your password

If you set up your accounting device by installing and downloading the software, then this should be a fairly easy step.

  • in the menu on your left, choose the ‘receive’ option and a funds receipt screen will appear

This pop-up screen will give you instructions to receive your funds.

  • choose the account you want to credit

This choice will include choosing the account you want to transfer your digital assets from and which crypto you want to transfer to the device.

select ‘continue’ when you are done with this step.

  • open the correct app on your accounting device

Your accounting device comes with applications that are used to receive different cryptocurrencies.

Just make sure you have the correct app open that relates to the currency you want to transfer.

These individual apps should be installed automatically when you first set up your device.

Your ledger live program will ensure that the ledger device is connected to your computer and that you have chosen the correct application based on the crypto you wish to change.

Once this is complete, you can select the ‘continue’ option on your computer.

  • select ‘continue’ when prompted to ‘verify address on device’
  • manually confirm that the address matches

You must perform this step manually to ensure that your online wallet address is the same as your device address. if they are the same, you can select the button to the right of your accounting device.

  • the general ledger will confirm

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The application on your computer will confirm if you have done it correctly. select the ‘copy’ button to copy the address.

  • sign in to coinbase

Once you’ve set up your device and are ready to receive your funds, you can log into your coinbase account so you can send your crypto.

2. on your dashboard, choose ‘accounts’

when you find your coinbase control panel, you will need to choose ‘accounts’ in order to access your online wallets that you have through the exchange.

3. choose a coinbase wallet

coinbase will have different wallets for different cryptocurrencies.

Because we’re moving bitcoins, you’ll want to choose the wallet that stores your bitcoins.

should have the little bitcoin icon associated with it.

once you’ve done this, select the ‘submit’ button below the wallet.

4. enter your registration address

Because your accounting device is a cold, offline wallet, you’ll need to enter the unique address that comes with it.

You will put this in the “recipient” box and enter the amount of bitcoin you wish to exchange in the next box.

You can also include a note if you like, which will be a reminder to keep track of the transition.

select ‘continue’.

5. done

this is how you transfer your bitcoin cryptocurrency from coinbase to your accounting device.

frequently asked questions

what are the best bitcoin exchanges in 2022?

Now that we’ve discussed how to transfer your bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies from Coinbase to your accounting device, let’s take a look at some other popular exchanges worth checking out.

These are our best options:

  1. etoro – ๐Ÿ† winner!
  2. pionex
  3. binance
  4. uphold

1. etoro

etoro is a really useful cryptocurrency exchange that can help their clients to trade with confidence, and they believe that they are one of the leading cryptocurrency trading platforms in the world.

๐Ÿ‘‰ starts with etoro

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One of the things we love about these guys is that they don’t charge their clients commission for trading, and if you’re new to trading, you can even copy trading strategies.

There really isn’t much you can’t do with a cryptocurrency trading platform like this.

2. pionex


Pionex is definitely worth your time as a cryptocurrency exchange, and one of the things that we love about these guys is that they are completely free for you to use.

They can also help you with your trades, which means you don’t just have to think about storing your crypto with these guys, you can also think about exchanging it.

๐Ÿ‘‰ get pionex for free

They have cryptocurrency trading bots that you can take advantage of, and the best part is that they are also free to use.

There is no minimum amount you need to be able to store your cryptocurrency with these types, so ultimately we believe they are one of the best options out there when it comes to your cryptocurrency trades.

3. binance


Binance is a really good choice as a cryptocurrency exchange that can help you purchase and sell your cryptocurrency within just minutes, and they even say that they are one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges out there.

one of the advantages of these guys is that they have a cryptocurrency exchange application, which means that you can download it on your smartphone and take them wherever you go.

They have 24/7 support and they also have a blog you can be a part of as well as a community so you don’t have to trade alone.

4. defend


Uphold is another excellent cryptocurrency exchange that can help you trade not just cryptocurrency, but precious metals, American equities, and national currencies.

all you need to do to get started with these guys is share your email address with them, and you can download their app from google play or the app store.

something we really like about these guys is that they can help you very easily, and they think they are a more versatile home for your financial life, so you really don’t have to go anywhere else to do really well.

final thoughts

We always think it’s worth storing your crypto assets in an offline cold wallet because the risk of getting hacked at some point is too great.

Unless you’re someone who likes to trade your cryptocurrency day to day, if you plan to hold it for a long time, definitely make the most of a cold wallet like ledger and transfer some of your crypto today.

Our guide on how to transfer coins from coinbase to ledger will help you do it quickly and effectively.

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