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cryptocurrency king who took $215 million to his grave: The bitcoin CEO who mysteriously dropped dead at age 30, taking his clients’ fortunes with him, is exposed as a scammer amidst a furious search for missing money and bitter conspiracies that he himself faked death

  • ‘trust no one’ is a new netflix documentary exploring the mysterious death of gerald cotten, the 30-year-old cryptocurrency entrepreneur who died suddenly in 2018, taking with him $215 million of the money from investors
  • cotten was the founder of quadrigacx, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in canada; the company kept his death a secret for a month before announcing it, raising suspicions that cotten actually faked his death
  • died under “questionable circumstances” of gastroenteritis during his honeymoon in india – two weeks after writing his will, leaving $11 million in real estate, his cars, yacht and plane to his wife and family
  • quadrigacx filed bankrupt after cotten’s wife, jennifer robertson , revealed that her late husband was the only person with access to the money
  • at the time of cotten’s death, quadriga owed its 115,000 investors approximately $215 million in cash and bitcoin; an official investigation found that cotten squandered most of the funds in fraudulent transactions
  • speculation among customers remains rife that cotten faked his own death and they are putting pressure on the authorities to exhume his body for evidence is the

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