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world-renowned Canadian author and psychologist, dr. jordan peterson will be on stage at bitcoin 2022 in miami from april 6-9, sparking speculation that he could be planning a public endorsement of bitcoin in a city that prides itself on being friendly to bitcoin and other bitcoin-related industries and adoption. cryptocurrencies.

Peterson has become hugely popular in recent years with millions of views on his youtube podcast and millions of worldwide sales of his 12 rules for life self-help book. an antidote to chaos.”

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a highlight of the miami conference, peterson is causing excitement and some surprise as he has expressed interest in bitcoin in the past but has not been a regular on the bitcoin front lines.

francis pouliot, CEO and founder of bitcoin, canada’s largest non-custodial bull exchange, has been a fan of peterson since 2018 and included his book “12 rules for life” in his picks for the top three books on 2018:

pouliot is seeing growing interest in bitcoin in canada, likely in part due to what he calls “out of control financial censorship culminating in the emergency law to suppress freedom convoy protests by truckers Canadians”. Like the Bank of Canada’s dramatic increase in money printing.

pouliot told bitcoin magazine that he sees jordan peterson’s orange pill as a perfect representation of this new wave of bitcoin adoption.

“A growing group of Canadians, even within traditional business establishments, realize that banking and government institutions do not have their best interests at heart,” he said.

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“As they look for solutions to mitigate inflation and political uncertainty, bitcoin stands out as the only credible alternative to the fiat system. given the seriousness of this rapidly deteriorating situation, they are now willing to give bitcoin a chance,” he added.

an original thinker outside the box

jordan peterson: what is the attraction? Tens of millions of cumulative views are attributed to him from around the world on his youtube podcast.

why do young people, particularly generations x and z, and mainly young men, follow a “boomer” professor emeritus from the university of toronto in canada?

in her article in the atlantic, “why the left is so afraid of jordan peterson”, author caitlin flanagan says:

“The stardom of the Canadian psychology professor is evidence that leftism is in decline and deeply vulnerable.”

flanagan sees peterson as occupying an intellectual niche of his own that is non-conservative (although often characterized as such), non-liberal, and outside of the overwhelmingly dominant politically correct ethos found in academia today.

young men in particular get what she calls “the only sustained argument against identity politics.”

“With identity politics off the table, it was possible to talk about all kinds of things (religion, philosophy, history, myth) in a different way. they could have direct experience with ideas, not mediated by ideology,” he added.

passion for freedom of expression

francis pouliot is a huge fan of free speech and is delighted that peterson, another free speech advocate, is attending what appears to be the largest bitcoin event ever held with an estimated attendance of 20,000 people.

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“I’m really excited to have Jordan Peterson coming to bitcoin 2022,” he told us.

“like many other bitcoin professionals, dr. Peterson’s teachings on personal responsibility have had a profoundly positive effect on my life and I consider them a perfect complement to bitcoin’s spirit of self-sovereignty.”

peterson is currently campaigning against an ontario bill that will require critical race theory to be taught in ontario public schools.

peterson has been a thoughtful observer of bitcoin, but his priorities have primarily been with his clinical psychology practice.

on his podcast with john vallis’s “bitcoiner book club” in august 2021, peterson asked the four bitcoiners many of the right questions and gave listeners one of the best insights into how bitcoiner works. the mind of a bitcoiner.

In November 2021, Peterson interviewed Dr. saifedean amous, author of “the bitcoin standard” and was clearly still learning about bitcoin. he is especially impressed that bitcoin can be kept completely out of the hands of governments.

what will peterson have to say on april 8 at 12:30 p.m. m.?

bitcoin magazine will cover the event both in print and live.

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