Meet the 24-year-old who dropped out of college to mine bitcoin, now making 1.3 million a MONTH  | Daily Mail Online

A 24-year-old who dropped out of college to mine bitcoin while living in his parents’ basement reveals he now earns $1.3 million a month, after starting with just $1,400


  • he spent his nights trading bitcoins while pretending to study, but he never expected the hobby to make him a millionaire
  • in 2017, jp set up a mining rig bitcoin store, where a group of computers create new bitcoins by solving puzzles, in his parents’ basement
  • the then 17-year-old was studying at north carolina state university at the time But after it took off, he decided to drop out of school altogether
  • started selling mining rigs online and hired some of his friends to build rigs full time. in the basement, the company made over $2 million in revenue
  • getting the cash, jp decided to level up and move out of his parents’ basement, renting an abandoned property in iowa , and now earns $1.3 million a month

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