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cryptocurrency has a problem: there are too many men.

Twice as many men as women invest in crypto: Approximately 19% of women aged 18-29 say they have invested, traded or used a cryptocurrency, compared to 43% of men in the same age range , according to a recent study. pew research center survey.

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But this isn’t just where women lag behind men: There aren’t that many women working in the blockchain and crypto industries either. a 2019 report found that the percentage of women in those sectors, including developers, investors, and casually interested individuals, ranges from 4% to 6%.

Here’s why this is a problem: The early days of an industry are often when fortunes are made, and those big winners often influence the direction the industry takes in the future, from who to invest in to what to invest in. build next. so now is the time for women to make their mark on the crypto industry and its future, and their absence now could diminish their long-term influence and profits, experts say.

“it is very important for women and people of color to be a part of cryptocurrency and blockchain right now because we are building the next generation of the financial ecosystem,” says charlene fadirepo, founder and CEO of guidefi, a fintech platform. which it had built in 2019 to make it easier for women and professionals of color to find their ideal financial advisors. “Crypto and blockchain come from finance and technology, and those are the industries that don’t have a lot of women and people of color. That’s why we have big diversity gaps.”

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But there is good news: In an industry that innovates at the speed of light, there are still plenty of opportunities for women today to help bridge the gender and diversity gap.

A growing group of artists, coders, entrepreneurs and investors are convinced that cryptocurrency is here to stay and that women cannot afford to delay their learning and decide if it fits their financial strategy and tolerance for risk. These women are not waiting for an invitation to make their mark in the industry, and they are doing their best to attract more women with them.

They are trying to bridge the gender gap in crypto by organizing events and communities, educating on social media platforms, launching businesses, writing about crypto, crafting inclusive public policy, and sharing their experiences. Above all, they want you to know that women belong in cryptocurrency.

here’s how these six women are transforming the face of cryptocurrency and why you might want to start following them if you’re interested in the future of cryptocurrency.

6 women who are transforming the face of cryptocurrencies

charlene fadirepo: disconnecting from the ‘crypto bros’

When charlene fadirepo first heard about bitcoin a few years ago, it sounded risky. but her work kept drawing him back to her.

maliha abidi: driving change through nfts

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It was the summer of 2021 when Maliha Abidi discovered that nfts offered her a way to combine her passion for art and social justice for women.

Cleve Mesidor: Creating Opportunity for Women and People of Color

crypto is more than just making money for key meters. it can offer a path to economic empowerment for women and people of color, says mesidor, an expert on the intersection of public policy and cryptocurrency. that’s why she’s focused on bringing more women and people of color together to participate.

kiana danial: teaching women to invest in cryptocurrencies

investing is one of the most powerful tools to build wealth and financial freedom, but kiana danial says it’s something not enough women talk about. that’s especially true when it comes to cryptocurrencies, she says.

Laura Shin: Reporting on the Crypto Beat

Laura Shin, a former senior editor at Forbes, was one of the first mainstream journalists to cover crypto full-time, recently publishing a book focused on the rise of Ethereum, called “The Cryptopians: Idealism, Greed, lies and creation. of the first great cryptocurrency craze.” She is also the host of the “Unchained” Crypto Podcast, which has over 15 million downloads and views.

wendy o: anyone can learn about cryptography

You don’t need a tech or science degree to learn crypto or blockchain technology. just look at wendy o.

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