Olaplex Q4 Earnings: Everything You Need To Know

Olaplex (NASDAQ: OLPX) has experienced heavy swings since its initial public offering (IPO) in September 2021, but promising Q4 2021 and full-year earnings are seeing shares of the luxury haircare company tick up pre-market.

Where can I listen to Olaplex’s earnings call?

You can listen to Olaplex’s Q4 earnings call and hear the full commentary from management from the company’s investor relations page. The call will take place at 9 am eastern time and will be available to replay, or you can find the full report on the company’s website here.

Olaplex’s Q4 results

Net sales grew 79% year-over-year (YoY) to $166.5 million, net income rose 107% and earnings-per-share (EPS) came in at $0.10. Both the U.S. and international markets saw significant growth in Q4  — 95%, and 61%, respectively. Olaplex ended 2021 with $186 million in cash and cash equivalents on hand.

Overall for the full fiscal year; total revenue grew 112% bringing in a total of $598 million, U.S. sales grew 131%, and international sales increased 91%.

High double-digit and triple-digit growth took place across all core segments in 2021 too:

  • Professional sales increased 66% to $259 million
  • Specialty retail sales grew 247% to $176 million
  • Direct-to-consumer sales increased 117% to $163 million

While professional sales still dominate as Olaplex’s main revenue channel, strong growth across all segments is strengthening the revenue streams for the company’s products.

Olaplex also announced it would be partnering with Ulta Beauty to bring its array of products to the fashion giant’s physical storefronts and online verticals.

Is Olaplex a good investment right now?

Olaplex isn’t exactly cheap even at these levels, currently valued between $9 to $10 billion in terms of market capitalization. But the growth forecast is in an extremely strong spot to catch up to its valuation. The company’s wildly successful marketing strategy, as evidenced by the above results, has created an engaged and loyal customer base. From 2020 to 2021 the company increased its Instagram following from 1.4 million to 2.2 million followers and the company has more than tripled its TikTok following from September 2021 to a grand total of 172,000 followers now.

One factor that may hold the business back is the recent allegations that some products contain a harmful ingredient known as Lilial, a chemical that has been banned in the EU as a result of causing infertility in animal studies. It has sparked controversy over Olaplex products online, but how much it will affect overall growth is yet to be seen. But other than that, the company has made all the right moves. 

Olaplex is increasing the number of stockists consistently across its geographic mix, having bolstered operational capabilities and logistics centers in Australia, the U.K., and Europe to meet demand, and it has also partnered up with notable brands such as Kohls, Sephora, and Ulta Beauty.

As one of the largest beauty brands in North America, the addition of Olaplex’s products to Ulta’s salons, retail stores, and e-commerce sites — which began in January 2022 — has the potential to add tremendous value in driving future sales. This will definitely be a brand to keep an eye on in both the haircare and beauty market segments, both of which have projected valuations growing into the hundreds of billions of dollars in the years ahead.

Market AnalysisOlaplex
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