Bitcoin 2022 Conference Wrap: Cathie Wood, Peter Thiel, Laser Eyes Bull

  • the 2022 bitcoin conference in miami heard from some of the leading voices in the investment community.
  • cathie wood backed up his view that bitcoin will hit $1 million, and michael saylor said biden has given bitcoin a “green light.”
  • peter thiel took aim at warren buffett for his criticism of bitcoin.

the bitcoin 2022 conference in miami wraps up on Saturday and has already produced a number of notable developments and insights from leading voices in the investment community.

here is a summary of some of the events of the conference.

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peter thiel

The billionaire co-founder of PayPal and Palantir labeled Warren Buffett as “enemy number 1” for bitcoin fans during his keynote address. He said the investment legend’s criticism of bitcoin has slowed the cryptocurrency’s broader adoption and weighed on its price.

Calling it “sociopathic grandpa from omaha,” thiel had particularly harsh words for buffett, whose comments on bitcoin include calling it “probably rat poison squared” in 2018 and saying it “has no unique value, it doesn’t.” produce nothing” in 2019.

Thiel also said that JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon and Blackrock CEO Larry Fink were other members of a “financial gerontocracy” that opposes the “revolutionary youth movement” behind bitcoin. “This is what we have to fight for to get bitcoin growing 10x or 100x from here,” said Thiel, a personal investor in bitcoin and through his founders fund.

cathie wood

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The prominent tech stock investor still sees the bitcoin price hitting $1 million in the next few years. on Friday, bitcoin was at $42,760 after recovering from its 2022 low.

“As many of you may know, in our 2022 big ideas… we have a 2030 price target for bitcoin of over $1 million dollars per bitcoin,” Wood said, pointing out the January call to the audience. 2022 posted on it. ark investment website. “if you come in and you’ll see how we build that case… all we expect for the next eight years is that about two and a half percent of institutional assets will be allocated to bitcoin.”

“[That’s] how institutional investors work, they tiptoe in. In the ’70s it was real estate,” and in the ’80s and ’90s it was emerging markets, he said. “And now I think it’s going to be crypto starting with bitcoin and that’s very important, starting with bitcoin.”

michael saylor

The CEO of microstrategy and bitcoin enthusiast was optimistic about the general tone he has heard lately from Washington towards cryptocurrencies.

“I think a couple of weeks ago with the executive order, what we had was the president of the united states gave bitcoin the green light,” he said as he sat by the wood in their joint panel. Saylor was referring to President Joe Biden’s executive order in March to continue working on developing a national policy on digital currencies.

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“if I look back over the last 100 years of history and ask, ‘when was the last time the president of the united states ordered the government to adopt a new asset class?’ The answer is never. So I think bitcoin should be taking a victory lap because of what’s happened here in the last few weeks in the US government,” Saylor said.

‘60%’ in bitcoin holdings for Mexican billionaire

Mexico’s third richest person, Ricardo Salinas Pliego, told Bitcoin 2022 that he has a large exposure to Bitcoin in his liquid portfolio.

“I have 60% in bitcoin and bitcoin stocks and then 40% in hard asset stocks like oil and gas and gold miners and that’s where I am,” Salinas told a panel. Pledge, who runs Mexican broadcaster TV Azteca and retailer Grupo Elektra, has a net worth of roughly $13 billion, according to Forbes.

what’s not in your bag? “I definitely don’t have bonuses,” she said, calling them a “terrible investment.”

bull laser eyes

To kick off the bitcoin 2022 conference, miami mayor francis suarez unveiled the “miami bull,” a statue of a black bull with so-called “laser eyes” to symbolize the city’s support for bitcoin and as a challenge to wall street’s famous charging bull statue.

suarez has expressed that miami has become the leading city for bitcoin investors and companies interested in using bitcoin. The 3,000-pound statue is 11 feet tall and required a team of more than 30 people and more than six months to complete.

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