Opiniones de Bitcoin Pro: ¿Es una estafa o es fiable?

In this report we will explore the pro bitcoin broker in detail. our study is motivated by the repeated complaints of its users, in which you can see the discontent and dissatisfaction with the performance of the platform. indeed, this operator has more weak points than virtues.

our bitcoin pro review reveals that this operator is not absolutely reliable for investing in bitcoin. There is no guarantee of security or transparency. To point out the disadvantages of bitcoin pro, we will use an etoro as a counterexample, since it is a renowned broker.

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Our goal is to alert you to the possibility of scams when investing in cryptocurrencies, which is why we carry out our reviews with absolute meticulousness. We know that secure platforms are not easy to distinguish from fraud. so, we will show you all the points that will personalize a bitcoin pro in an inadvisable operator. We hope to collaborate with your safety.

our experience with bitcoin pro

This company seems to use a ponzi scheme, which consists of paying creditors with the deposit of new investors. this parasitic system is not sustainable and can fall at any time.

There are numerous glowing reviews on the web about this trader, but these are actually covert advertisements from the bitcoin pro forum itself. In the independent pages of specialized consultation, you can find the worst opinions about bitcoin pro. There are plenty of reasons to suspect this company.

is bitcoin pro a scam?: we explain why it is not reliable

Given the obvious shortcomings of this operator, you may wonder how it is possible for users to fall into the trap. then we will tell you about their methods of persuasion.

The company deploys extremely aggressive marketing campaigns, which are aimed at people who have sought information to start investing in bitcoin. It is, then, an inexperienced public and susceptible to being deceived, who may believe that bitcoin pro is valid without proof.

The company insists through various channels with a registration form, which is very simple to complete. new users don’t know to be wary of operators who don’t ask for account verifications. In this way, they create a membership in a dubious portal that can bring them inconvenience.

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the various elements of the possible scam in bitcoin pro:

  • online advertising aggression;
  • simple registration form;
  • customer service phone number;
  • false celebrity advertising and endorsements.

However, most users tend not to deposit money until they are more convinced. that’s why bitcoin pro has a phone call system, whereby customer service tries to persuade users to make their deposits.

Bitcoin pro advertising campaigns also have the characteristic of using the image of celebrities without their permission. in this way, they manipulate the opinion of users. This is an unfair strategy, which only highlights the potential bitcoin pro scam.

bitcoin pro review: what we know about this broker

it is not difficult to separate the comments about bitcoin pro that are publicized by the company itself from the genuine ones. users of that operator have nothing good to say, and there are no verifiable cases of investors who have made a profit. Unfortunately, we noticed that bitcoin pro uses the same deception mechanisms as many of the companies on our blacklist of platforms to invest in bitcoins, such as the cases of bitcoin era, trustinvesting and crypto hopper.

do you think he has already been scammed? here are our tips

If you have invested money in bitcoin pro, we recommend you to be very careful. it is a good idea to check that the funds are available, and if possible, we suggest you withdraw them as soon as possible. In the list of the cnmv (national stock market commission) you can check if the company already has lawsuits filed. If you believe that it is not possible to withdraw your money, it may be convenient to hire an expert on the subject to take legal action.

alternative insurance brokers to bitcoin pro

As cryptocurrencies become more widespread, numerous secure and innovative brokers are beginning to emerge. These platforms operate with European licenses to buy and sell assets. Likewise, they are regulated by the Spanish CNMV. bitcoin pro does not meet any of these requirements, but other brokers, such as etoro, satisfy all the conditions. the only way to seriously invest in cryptocurrencies is through platforms that respect the law.

We recommend etoro because not only does it fit basic security needs, but it is also registered with the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CYSEC). its services reach more than 4 million users.

comparison of bitcoin pro and etoro

In this section we will compare etoro with bitcoin pro, in order to highlight the virtues of one and the weaknesses of the other. this is an eloquent way of expressing the distance between serious traders and bitcoin pro.

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you see that there is no reason to trust bitcoin pro. each deposit on that platform can mean a flagrant loss of money, as there are no guarantees that the funds will not be manipulated. don’t be fooled.

introductory guide on how to invest in bitcoin safely

If we haven’t found a safe and reliable broker yet, we recommend etoro. To use its management services, it is necessary to be accredited in the system, through a form with all the protocol measures. then a deposit must be made and you are ready to invest.


It is clear that we join the opinions of bitcoin pro that point to it as a dangerous operator. It will not empower you to invest in that platform or waste your time there.

on the contrary, if you are looking for security and efficiency, we recommend etoro, one of the leaders in cryptocurrency business.

frequently asked questions

Below we will share the most common questions that come to our inbox. We hope to be able to provide concise answers that accompany our readers on their way through investing with bitcoin and all kinds of cryptocurrencies. It is an exciting journey and we hope to be an active part of it.

₿ does bitcoin pro really work?

all opinions about bitcoin pro from serious sources indicate that the operator does not present any proven efficiency. there are no proven cases of users who have made a profit on their investments. nothing indicates that bitcoin pro works well. its reputation is more than enough to dissuade any experienced investor from depositing their money.

🙅‍♂️ is bitcoin pro a scam? why?

everything in our report seems to indicate that bitcoin pro is a possible scam. Since the operator is not registered with any official financial institution, nor is he authorized to buy and sell assets, it is conceivable that his intentions cannot be transparent. that’s why we insist that it is best not to even try to use it.

👍 are there safe alternatives to bitcoin pro?

Thanks to the expansion of the cryptocurrency industry, today there are numerous reliable operators. one of them is etoro, a safe alternative to invest all kinds of assets. It is an efficient tool with proven attributes, which has given satisfaction to millions of users in more than 140 countries.

⚠️ what elements should you take into account when choosing a broker?

As we noted in our broker comparison, there are some marks that indicate the quality of the brokers. The most important thing is to verify that they have authorization licenses and that they are registered with the relevant bodies. We prioritize the platforms that guide their users through investments, indicating the risk of each movement and the possibilities of profit.

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