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Experts say that without an end to the see-saw in the price of cryptocurrency, war, inflation and changing monetary policy in the us. uu. it will likely continue to generate more volatility in the coming weeks and months. With the moon going down a few months ago, speculation was ripe about bitcoin being banned soon in places where it had already gained some sort of acceptance.

Launched over ten years ago in 2009, bitcoin is a virtual currency powered by blockchain technology. Satoshi Nakamoto created the coin to overcome the shortcomings of government-issued coins without requiring a controlling authority. bitcoin acts as a store of value and payment method for any transaction process in the markets.

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the price of bitcoin has fallen by more than 12% in the last week and 28.60% in the last three (3) months, which has reduced the value of the coin to $18,763. In the short term, bitcoin has broken the bottom of an uptrend channel. this indicates a slower growth rate at the beginning or the beginning of a more horizontal development. the coin is testing resistance at $21,300. this could generate an adverse reaction, but a bullish advance of usd 21,300 means a positive sign. volume highs and volume lows correspond well with highs and lows in price. the currency is generally assessed as short-term technically neutral.

according to expectations, btc prices could increase in the long term and reach hundreds of thousands. this increase could happen eventually as, in November 2021 alone, the price change of one btc increased significantly, leading to its all-time high of $68,789.63.

Today’s live bitcoin price is $21,728.48, with a 24-hour trading volume of $31,514,628,706 usd. bitcoin is up 1.56% in the last 24 hours. the current coin market capitalization ranking is No. 1, with a live market cap of $415,696,334,918. it has a circulating supply of 19,131,400 btc coins and a max. supply of 21,000,000 btc coins.

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what is bitcoin?

Launched in 2009, bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency powered by blockchain technology. Satoshi Nakamoto created the coin to overcome the shortcomings of government-issued coins without the need for a controlling authority.

bitcoin (btc) was created out of the need for an electronic payment system based on cryptography instead of the conventional system based on trust. cryptocurrency acts as a store of value and payment method for any transaction process in the crypto space. it is often referred to as “digital gold”.

Bitcoin’s current cryptography is based on an impenetrable algorithm (sha-256) designed by the united states national security agency (nsa) in 2016, after the collapse of the sha-1 algorithm. this algorithm makes it impossible to crack the bitcoin network.

Since bitcoin’s launch in 2009, its value has risen sharply, from less than $0.01 in May 2010 to more than $67,000 in November 2021. Bitcoin is expected to achieve new feats in the coming years as more institutional investors and traders continue to turn to cryptocurrencies.

what influences the price of bitcoin?

Several factors are responsible for the price movement of cryptocurrencies. These price drivers include supply and demand, investor sentiment, availability, business cycles, adoption rate, functionality, governance and forks, regulations, news, etc. Although bitcoin is a conventional digital currency, its price movement is also subject to these factors, just like with other currencies.

For example, the sell-off on February 24, 2022 was triggered by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which also caused global equities to plunge sharply. bitcoin has been correlated with other risky assets like stocks for several months. more institutional investors are getting involved, and short-term investors who trade bitcoin like other risky stocks have entered the market.

Bitcoin recently bottomed out at $17,708 (its 52-week low) on June 18, 2022, due to news about various exchanges, lending pools, and other crypto firms struggling with liquidity issues.

celsius, a defi platform and a major cryptocurrency lender, was the source of negative market sentiment in mid-June 2022. the platform announced that it had stopped trading, withdrawals, and transfers between accounts due to the extreme conditions of the cryptocurrency market. it has been the status quo since June 13.

three arrows capital (3ac) is another company that plunged into bankruptcy due to the terrausd/luna merger and the liquidations of voyager, celsius and blockfi. Consequently, bitcoin fell by around 68% from its current all-time high, confirming the effect of investor sentiment, news, demand, supply, etc.

bitcoin challenges

Despite its success, bitcoin has faced several criticisms, especially its energy-intensive mining system. According to an energy consumption tracker developed by the University of Cambridge, Bitcoin mining was estimated to consume 100 TWh per year, roughly a third of the UK’s total energy consumption in 2016.

Furthermore, btc’s criminal potential has positioned it for increased scrutiny as it has facilitated numerous deals on the dark web such as illegal weapons procurement, money laundering, etc.

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Bitcoin’s oldest and most important challenge is scalability. bitcoin’s underlying technology limits its performance in terms of transaction completion time, with insufficient capacity at 3-7 tps. as more transactions are initiated on the network, processing delays will arise. Various proposals have been put forward to nip this concern in the bud, but a favorable long-term solution remains unclear.

bitcoin price summary

Bitcoin has had a sustained bearish streak in recent months, with its value falling to as low as $17,708. With the current series of events in the market, most notably the Luna/Terraust crash and liquidity issues affecting lending pools and crypto firms, traders and investors alike have been forced to unload their positions. .

As of this writing, bitcoin is trading at $21,472.12, a loss in value of about 68% from its current price of $68,789.63. bitcoin’s 24 hour trading range is $20.95k to $21.64k. the leading crypto has been fluctuating near the $22,000 mark for the past week as many financial markets and the crypto space struggle to regain upward momentum.

will bitcoin survive the current attack? have we seen the bottom yet, or is there more below $17k? It remains to be seen where the market will go from here and whether this is the right time to invest in bitcoin for the long term or sell short for profit.

bitcoin technical analysis

Investors have accepted lower prices over time to get out of bitcoin, and the coin is in a downtrend channel in the medium to long term. this signals a growing pessimism among investors and indicates a possible future fall for bitcoin. btc has support at $18,300 and resistance at $25,000. In general, the asset is assessed as technically negative for medium-long term investments.

Bitcoin shows weak development in a long-term downtrend channel. Downtrends indicate that the coin is experiencing negative development and lower buying interest among investors. The coin gave a negative signal from the head and shoulders formation by breaking through the support at $31,687. a further drop to 17,708 or less is noted. overall btc is seen as technically negative in the long run.

bitcoin price predictions 2022-2031

wallet investor

according to smart technical analysis by a portfolio investor, bitcoin will reach a market price of $34,783.90 in 2023 and $87,175.60 in 2027, making btc a good asset for long-term investments . For short-term transactions, the wallet investor anticipates that BTC could continue to trade in the $21,000 region in the coming days.

trade beasts

tradingbeasts predicts that btc will have an average price of $21,225.31 by December 2022, with low and high prices of $18,041.52 and $26,531.64, respectively.

according to tradingbeasts, btc will experience a drop in valuation throughout 2023, closing the year with an average price of $19,858.67 and a minimum price of $16,879.87. Starting in 2024, the team expects a further devaluation of bitcoin, predicting a price range of $15,443.63 to $18,158.39 by December 2024.

Furthermore, tradingbeasts predicts that the bears will remain in control of the btc market throughout 2025. they anticipate that bitcoin will have a minimum price of $14,645,202 by December 2025, with average and maximum prices set at $17,229,781 and $21,537 .61, respectively.

long-term prognosis

According to longforecast’s bitcoin prediction, bitcoin will end 2022 with a monthly price range of $13,056 to $16,331. Looking ahead to 2023, longforecast’s predictions indicate that investors should expect significant losses in the market as btc could close below the $10,000 mark.

In 2024, longforecast anticipates that btc will show a general bull market reversal, trading as high as $24,144 by December 2024 and closing the year at $22,098. Furthermore, based on the team’s projections for 2025, BTC is expected to experience a sequence of gains and losses, leading to a price floor and ceiling of $23,120 and $28,696 by the end of the year.

Based on their predictions for 2026, the team anticipates bitcoin trading as low as $15,519 in August. A market rally is also expected within the year, which will result in BTC closing the market at $21,947 in September 2026.


bitcoin price prediction 2022

the bitcoin market has been on a downward trend in recent weeks and months, losing over 27.19% in 3 months. Going by our bitcoin price forecast, we expect positive momentum towards the end of the year, leading to an average price of $28,204.81, a low price of $26,078.04, and a high price of $29,733.37.

bitcoin price prediction 2023

According to our bitcoin forecast, btc will see steady gains in 2023, leading to a low price of $28,377.37, with a high market value of $34,305.93. investors could also expect an average price of $31,486.23. these price levels could arise from an increase in the liquidity of btc in the market.

bitcoin price prediction 2024

By 2024, bitcoin could be trading at an average price of $31,093.39 based on our price prediction. we also project a minimum and maximum price of $26,084.65 and $34,456.16, respectively.

bitcoin price prediction 2025

In 2025, our bitcoin price prediction indicates that the coin will post significant gains, reaching a maximum price of $48,796.41. the expected minimum and average prices are $36,961.39 and $41,854.94. In addition to the Central African Republic (automobile) and the Republic of El Salvador, if more nations adopt the mainstream crypto as legal tender in the coming years, Bitcoin could see widespread adoption, leading to higher price levels.

bitcoin price prediction 2026

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According to our btc price prediction, bitcoin, the crypto market leader, will see its valuation drop by up to 8%, leading to an average price of $38,372.13. the projected market price range is $34,924.71 to $41,351.77.

bitcoin price prediction 2027

According to our btc price forecast, bitcoin is expected to show an upward trajectory reaching an average price of $50,519.36 with a minimum price of $41,313.76. the digital asset could also trade as high as $56,559.36, an increase of 163.76% from the current market price.

bitcoin price prediction 2028

According to our btc price predictions for 2028, bitcoin will trade at a maximum price of $76,183.47, with a mid-market value of $69,821.17. the lowest expected bitcoin price is 62,494.73. If there are significant improvements to the bitcoin blockchain with regards to scalability, it will result in faster network transactions and increase the use of btc leading to these market prices.

bitcoin price prediction 2029

By 2029, bitcoin would be trading above $90,000 based on our price predictions. Investors could expect a maximum BTC price of $91,310.61, with a minimum and average price of $83,937.35 and $88,340.32, respectively.

bitcoin price prediction 2030

In 2030, our price predictions are that bitcoin will trade between $94,680.64 and $101,818.13, with an average trading price of $98,427.81. If there are more government and financial policies that encourage the mass adoption of crypto, it will help the bitcoin price reach new heights.

bitcoin price prediction 2031

According to our price predictions for 2031, bitcoin will have an average market price of $110,921.46 and a minimum price of $105,308.83. If the bulls exhibit firm control of the market, the price of the coin could skyrocket to $117,691.36, which is more than 5 times the current price of bitcoin.

bitcoin price prediction by market experts

According to the experts at the times money mentor, “the price of bitcoin is largely speculative, and accurately predicting its future value is almost impossible. invariably, the asset’s price action will be driven by the sentiments. however, considering bitcoin’s price history, there are chances of a full recovery in the future. bitcoin crashed 83% in 2018 before hitting all-time highs in 2020 and 2021.”

added that “there are no guarantees that the coin will hit $69,000 as seen by the end of 2021. anyone currently investing in bitcoin might want to keep their hats on for now. and for those hoping for a quick btc recovery , they may need to be very patient.”

According to a tweet from kevin svenson, a crypto market analyst, he exuded caution in the face of a rapid btc market price rally. He then referred to the market downturn of 2018. Apparently, bitcoin’s recovery to its peak anytime soon might be an unrealistic question.

here is an analysis from bitcoinhyper, a youtube bitcoin analyst.

bitcoin is historical, according to nick szabo, it is said to be the real “satoshi nakamoto”:

the bitcoin public blockchain implements a global settlement layer (“layer 1” in bitcoin parlance). the closest historical analog to the bitcoin settlement layer is not banknotes, or even coins (despite their name), it is the monetary metal that, for most of monetary history, from the ancient civilization until the twentieth century, ultimately underlies the jus. .

business as usual according to gavin andresen: one of the leaders of bitcoin’s early development:

The bitcoin ecosystem is incredibly rich and robust these days. I can’t keep track of all the development going on, and I’m excited to see multiple implementations of the bitcoin protocol slowly starting to gain acceptance. it will be a long process, but moving away from a real implementation will be very good for bitcoin in the long run.

if you can stomach a bit of bitcoin history, here’s a video on beep from bitcoin insider, andreas antonopoulos:


After its creation in 2009, bitcoin has transcended from a mere store of value to a form of financial freedom, earning steady global interest. Due to rising interest rates and inflation, the crypto market and world economies are in very rough waters. and, in turn, crypto investors are beginning to reduce their risk levels, selling risky assets.

bitcoin has continued to flow onto exchanges, indicating that the bear market could persist in the short term as btc holders continue to sell off their assets. btc on exchanges instead of wallets means holders can initiate settlement at any time and quickly. this current state of the market is typical of the 2017-18 scenario; however, the market is more mature now, and recoveries could be in the offing soon as investors rekindle interest in haven cryptocurrencies.

Regardless, it is essential to note that the above bitcoin price prediction is not investment advice, and all market actions by traders should be preceded by thorough personal research.

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