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cryptocoupon is the perfect solution for anyone looking for affordable and easy ways to buy cryptocurrencies. It is also important to highlight the security of payment with a crypto-voucher, when it is not necessary to enter bank card data to make a payment. below is an overview of the crypto coupon.

what is a crypto token?

In the new world of cryptocurrencies, the use of crypto coupons greatly simplifies the online payment process with digital currency. no matter what cryptocurrency you purchased your crypto voucher with, buy, trade and send crypto in an instant.

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how to register an account

as with many payment system sites, registration on the crypto coupon site does not take long.

1. Click in the upper right corner of the main page on the “Create account” button. crypto voucher review 1

2. In the new window on the right, add your email address and click “Register”. How To Use Crypto Voucher - Full Review 2022

3. At the next stage, the system will send an e-mail to your mail with a link to confirm registration. what is a crypto voucher 2021 1

4. Follow the link and create a password. Enter it twice and click “Sign in”. How To Use Crypto Voucher - Full Review 2022

5. then select the country of your registration and add your phone number. click on “send sms code”.

6. In the new window, add the code that you received in the message on your phone and click “Confirm”. How To Use Crypto Voucher - Full Review 2022

after successful registration, access to all site features and high account limits will be available only after passing verification. To buy cryptocurrencies with fiat money using the crypto coupon, customer identification is essential.

To start verifying your account, log into your account and click “Verify”.How To Use Crypto Voucher - Full Review 2022

verification in crypto voucher consists of three stages: providing personal data, assigning a voucher and verifying documents.

1. Fill in your personal information and click “Continue”.crypto voucher verification 3

2. fill in the fields by selecting the appropriate option in the pop-up window:

– Source of fundscrypto voucher verification 2

– Designation of vouchercrypto voucher verification 4

3. Next, the system will ask you to provide documents with personal information to verify your identity. You can choose the recommended automatic KYC identification procedure, which will take only 5-10 minutes. You need to prepare documents in advance and set up the camera on your computer or phone. Click “Automatic KYC”.crypto voucher verification 6

You will be redirected to the next page, where you must select a document to verify your identity. Click on the corresponding picture, for example a passport.crypto voucher verification 5

The window for starting the verification process will appear with the button “Start identity verification”.How To Use Crypto Voucher - Full Review 2022

Open the browser access to your camera. If you do not have a camera, documents can be loaded manually.crypto voucher identity verification 3

Click “Begin identification”. Place the front page of your document in the window and take a photo of it with the button below the frame.crypto voucher identity verification 4

Next, you need to photograph the back side of the document or the second page according to the same principle as in the paragraph above.How To Use Crypto Voucher - Full Review 2022

At the last stage, your image in the document is photographed, that is, your face.crypto voucher identity verification 6

Finally, a notification will appear in a new window that the system is ready to verify your documents and verify your identity. On this page you can check the quality of the photos you have taken, then click “Continue”.crypto voucher identity verification 5

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You will be notified about the verification results by email, the address of which you specified when registering in the system.

In some cases, the payment system in the letter asks to also send your selfie with a piece of paper, where you must indicate the date the photo was taken and write “cryptocoupon” . In this case, you must hand hold the document that you previously uploaded to the system for identity verification.

where you can buy vouchers

You can buy a crypto coupon both on the official website of the system with a wide selection of cryptocurrencies, and from authorized dealers. after purchasing a crypto coupon, the system will send you an email notification about the purchase and the provision of a special crypto coupon code, which can be found in the list of crypto coupons in your personal account.

directly from the official website

on the official website for the sale of crypto coupons, you can quickly buy a coupon on the main page.

On the main page of the Crypto Voucher website in the “Quick Buy” window or in your wallet, select the value of the voucher. The next line will immediately display the corresponding amount in cryptocurrency. Click “Buy Now”.crypto voucher card buy 1

A new window will display all the payment methods available in your country.crypto voucher card buy 2

The crypto coupon is valid for 180 days from the date of purchase, so we recommend using it during this time period. can be redeemed at once and exchanged for only one type of cryptocurrency.

Pay for your purchase in one of the most convenient ways for you, for example, by credit card. Enter all the required card details.crypto voucher card buy 3

then fill in your personal details and registration address. click on “pay now”.

crypto voucher card buy 4

After successful payment, you will receive a transaction notification. You can now cash out the credit voucher or buy another one.crypto voucher card buy 5

all available crypto voucher cards can be found in your account under “my vouchers”.

from authorized distributors

You can also buy a crypto coupon from trusted and reliable dealers, the list of which can be found directly on the official website of the payment system. click on any logo and the system will take you to the site of an authorized seller or partner store.

it is important to know that it is more profitable to buy crypto coupons from authorized dealers than on the official website of the payment system.

shop locally

To find a Credit Voucher outlet in your area, go to the appropriate section of the Crypto Voucher website “purchase methods”> “buy locally”.

buy the crypto voucher

As we have described above, you can use both the official website of the company and the sites of authorized dealers to purchase a crypto coupon.

currencies available

The types of cryptocurrencies you can buy with the Crypto Voucher Card are:

bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, dogecoin, binance coin, usd coin, xrp

payment methods

As soon as you click on the “buy now” button in your personal account, the system will redirect you to a page where you must specify the amount of the purchase (at least 10 euros) and select a cryptocurrency.

click on the “buy now” button and select the payment methods available in the service from the list in a new window:

how to redeem crypto voucher 1

fees and charges

when buying crypto coupons in any way convenient for you, pay attention to the commission of the payment system with which you pay. Since the commission depends on the method of payment of the voucher, the amount of the fees can always be seen against the method of payment. in any case, the final voucher purchase amount, including crypto voucher fees, is always displayed after choosing a payment method.

how to redeem crypto coupons

To redeem a crypto coupon, log in to your account, click “redeem” in the list on the left.

how to redeem crypto voucher 2

Enter The Codehow to redeem crypto voucher 3

The code is located on the “My Vouchers page”. Click “Show Voucher”.how to redeem crypto voucher 4

choose cryptocurrency

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choose a cryptocurrency from the list and then pay attention to the amount you will receive after charging your crypto voucher card. Please note that the transaction fees charged by the system are lower on LTC and Dogecoin than on BTC and ETH. this means you get more crypto if you redeem your coupon for ltc or doge.

how to redeem crypto voucher 5

specify the address of the electronic wallet

Redeeming a coupon in a crypto coupon wallet is cheaper than withdrawing a cryptocurrency to a third-party wallet.

if you choose the method of withdrawing cryptocurrencies to another electronic wallet, in this case you must enter the address of the corresponding electronic wallet. choose a method and click the “I understand and agree. redeem it now.”

A window will appear asking you to rate the to redeem crypto voucher 6

Next, you will be able to see the results and details of the to redeem crypto voucher 7

The amount in cryptocurrency will be displayed in your Crypto Voucher account or on a third-party wallet, in case you have withdrawn to another to redeem crypto voucher 8

how to exchange a gift card for a crypto coupon

on the site, you can also redeem crypto coupons for an online store gift card:

  1. enter the section “purchase methods”> “redeem gift card” (in dollars only).
  2. click the “redeem now” button below.
  3. select the appropriate brand and amount.
  4. provide the gift card information and your personal information.
  5. within one business day, you will receive a notification about the crypto coupon in your email.

pros and cons

+ many payment methods

+ low transaction fees

+ instant transactions

+ simple and accessible interface

-a limited number of cryptocurrencies

-lack of online support

-the verification process is a bit difficult

-low limits without verification

crypto coupon reviews

To entrust your funds to a particular payment system, of course, you need to make sure of its reliability, as well as read reviews of crypto coupons. On, about 72% of consumers rate the crypto voucher payment system positively. the average rating of the site is 4.1, which allows you to trust it to a greater extent. dissatisfied customers most often complain about the difficult verification process.

alternative payment methods

We advise users of the crypto coupon payment system to also pay attention to alternative platforms that allow them to make financial transactions, deposit and withdraw funds easily with minimal commissions and high limits. These payment systems stand out for their reliability and high transaction speed.

  • ecopayz (ecovale)
  • astropay
  • neosurf


crypto voucher payment system is an easy and fast way to buy cryptocurrencies. a large number of methods of purchasing a coupon makes the site available to residents of almost all countries. The purchase can be made both on the official website and at authorized distributors, as well as at local points for cash.

frequently asked questions

how do you use a crypto coupon?

You can use crypto coupons to buy cryptocurrencies online and you don’t need to enter bank card details to make a payment.

how do you get a crypto coupon?

There are several ways to buy a crypto coupon:

  • crypto coupons official website
  • authorized dealers
  • local outlets

We recommend that you purchase a Crypto Coupon Card from authorized dealer websites. this way you don’t have to sign up for a crypto coupon account and pass the verification process by sharing your documents.

can I buy crypto vouchers with a gift card?

yes, different gift cards are available between payment methods. you can check all available payment options for your country on an official crypto coupon website.

how do I redeem my crypto voucher?

to redeem crypto coupon:

  1. log in to your personal account.
  2. click the “redeem” button on the left menu.
  3. select the coupon you want to withdraw money.
  4. in the new window, select the cryptocurrency and the wallet for withdrawal.
  5. click on “I understand and accept. redeem it now.”

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