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The style scores are a complementary set of indicators to use in conjunction with the zacks ranking. it allows the user to better focus on stocks that best suit their personal trading style.

Scores are based on value, growth, and momentum trading styles. there is also a vgm score (‘v’ for value, ‘g’ for growth, and ‘m’ for momentum), which combines the weighted average of the individual style scores into a single score.

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Within each score, the actions are classified into five groups: a, b, c, d and f. As you may remember from your school days, an A is better than a B; a b is better than a c; a c is better than a d; and a d is better than an f.

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As an investor, you want to buy stocks with the highest probability of success. that means you want to buy stocks with a #1 or #2 zacks rank, buy strong or buy, which also has a score of a or b on your personal trading style.

zacks style sheet music education: learn more about zacks style sheet music

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