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With Sharesight, investors can easily see how much money they have made selling stocks, ETFs and funds by running the Sold Securities Report. The report gives investors a breakdown of their realised gains on investments they have sold, calculated using the average cost base of those holdings in their portfolio – making it a useful tool for investors to evaluate their performance. To learn more about how investors can benefit from using the Sold Securities Report, keep reading.

See all of your realised gains in one place

If you’ve sold out of positions in your portfolio, it’s important to know what these holdings are and how much you actually profited (aka. your realised gains). Unlike some brokers which only show you investments you’ve sold out of in the past 12 months, Sharesight’s Sold Securities Report allows you to see the full picture of your performance by viewing the total return of all the investments you have sold over any date range, broken down by capital gains, dividends and currency gains.

While it is possible to toggle on sold positions on your Portfolio Overview page, the Sold Securities Report is ideal for investors who want to see all of these trades in one place, independent from their open positions (current holdings). The report can also be customised to your needs, with the ability to organise your sold positions by market, currency, sector, industry, investment type or a custom grouping of your choice. This makes it a useful tool to assess your decision to sell out of certain positions in your portfolio, and evaluate your investing strategy over the long-term.

Sold Securities Report US portfolio An example of the Sold Securities Report, sorted by market, used on a US portfolio with investments in Asian and US markets.

Calculate your capital gains tax (CGT)

If you calculate capital gains using the average cost method, you may be able to use the Sold Securities Report to get an indication of your capital gains. Because the report subtracts the cost basis of your investments from your realised gains, it is able to automatically produce a capital gains figure, which can be shared with your accountant to determine your capital gains tax. However, depending on your tax residency and the complexity of your investments, this capital gains figure may need to be adjusted to reflect certain CGT events in your portfolio. Please refer to your accountant for further details.

Note: Sharesight has a Capital Gains Tax Report designed for the needs of Australian and Canadian investors.

Share the report with your accountant

Sharing the report with your accountant is made easy with the ability to export the report to different file formats including an Excel spreadsheet, PDF or Google Sheet. This will help you (and your accountant) save time on data entry and tedious manual calculations.

Track your portfolio’s performance (and tax) with Sharesight

Thousands of global investors are using Sharesight to track the performance of their investments. If you’re not already using Sharesight, what are you waiting for? Sign up for Sharesight so you can:

  • Track all of your investments in one place, including global stocks, ETFs, mutual/managed funds, property and even cryptocurrency

  • Automatically track your dividend and distribution income from stocks, ETFs and mutual/managed funds

  • Run powerful reports built for investors, including Performance, Portfolio Diversity, Contribution Analysis, Multi-Period and Multi-Currency Valuation

  • Easily share access to your portfolio with family members, your accountant or other financial professionals so they can see the same picture of your investments that you do.

Sign up for a FREE Sharesight account and get started tracking your investment performance (and tax) today.

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