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the bitcoin for truckers campaign was featured tonight on tucker carlson, the controversial and conservative tv show on fox news. More importantly, however, bitcoin’s value proposition shone at the very heart of his speech. Say what you will about Tucker Carlson, but this is the kind of publicity money can’t buy.

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if the question is why is bitcoin important to the world, whatever your political leanings, this speech by tucker carlson has the answer:

after more than a year trying to figure out the meaning of bitcoin, this weekend comefraudme flipped on the light switch and like thousands of others i have seen the light. 💡

— terry van loon (@terrybythebay) February 8, 2022

podcast host and bitcoin thought leader marty bent accompanies the video with a simple explanation: “the more those in power limit freedom of expression and association by restricting the ability to make transactions, the more obvious it becomes that bitcoin is the solution. ”

a twitter user going by the name terry van loon replied: “after over a year trying to figure out the meaning of bitcoin, this weekend comefraudme flipped on the light switch for me and like thousands of people I have seen the light.” .”

what did tucker carlson say about bitcoin?

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The part of the video that refers to this website starts with the honkhonk hodl campaign, also known as bitcoin for truckers. carlson says:

“tally coin, for example, is a small crowdfunding service that uses bitcoin. it’s not controlled by the banks, that’s the point. they are organizing a fundraiser for truckers. now why is this attractive? nobody can steal the money. no government can pressure anyone to hand over the money, because governments do not control cryptocurrencies.”

no doubt tucker carlson missed some points by confusing bitcoin with crypto in general, but okay. He is not an expert, nor does he claim to be. furthermore, carlson continues with the correct terminology:

“bitcoin goes from person a to person b and all the intermediary, the company, does is connect the two. it is quite attractive. and you can imagine the long-term consequences here. if the people in charge, in this country and in canada, want the us dollar to be irrelevant, they will continue to do so and soon it will be. Either way, it is becoming abundantly clear that the only way to avoid the stranglehold technology has on our human rights is decentralization.”

boom! that is why some people say that bitcoin is the only hope of humanity. As the digital panopticon closes in around us, there is a bright spot that cannot be tamed. and the funny thing is that it comes from the same source as the digital prison. code.

BTCUSD price chart for 02/08/2022 - TradingView

what about the bitcoin campaign for truckers?

Three days ago, bitcoinist explained the situation. the betrayal of gofundme and the rise of tallycoin:

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“gofundme announced that the platform was going to freeze campaign funds. initially, these were to be redistributed to other donations, drawing much criticism on social media platforms.

According to a tweet from the Ottawa Police Department, the fundraising platform “listened to the concerns” of local authorities. They argued that the protests are “illegal” and called on all crowdfunding sites to take a similar position. bitcoin doesn’t care about politics, as future events showed.

Organizers turned to tallycoin and launched “bitcoin for truckers” to support their “freedom convoy”

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at that time, the campaign had received 2 btc and was considered a success. at the moment, the bitcoin campaign for truckers has already passed the 10 btc mark:

one week, one billion satellites, 10 btc. incredible.

– honkhonk hodl (@honkhonkhodl) February 8, 2022

in fact they are currently at 11.38 btc from 4269 contributors. talk about decentralization. current target is 21 btc, will honkhonk hodl hit it?

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