Upgrade Bitcoin Rewards Card | Unlimited 1.5% back in bitcoin

Earn unlimited 1.5% in bitcoin rewards when you make payments on your purchases. balance transfers and non-purchase transaction payments, such as sending funds electronically to your bank account, are not eligible to earn rewards. Your bitcoin will be purchased within 1-2 statement periods from the date we receive your payment. the value of bitcoin will vary depending on when it is purchased. bitcoin sales are subject to a 1.5% transaction fee which will be deducted from the proceeds of the sale. proceeds of sale can only be redeemed in the form of a statement credit. additional limitations apply. see program terms and conditions and cardholder agreement for more information. bitcoin accounts and services provided by nydig. see nydig terms. nydig does not support bitcoin accounts and services in all states. the rewards associated with the upgrade card, where applicable, are provided by the upgrade.

2 To qualify for the $200 bitcoin welcome bonus, you must open and fund a new rewards checking account and make 3 debit card transactions within 60 days of opening your card account update. the value of the $200 bonus will be based on the value of bitcoin at the time of purchase (within 1-2 statement periods from the date the bonus is earned) and may change in price at the time in which you choose to sell it, consult the terms of the program. your upgrade card must be current to receive a bonus.

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3 lines of credit opened through upgrade feature annual percentage rates (apr) of 8.99% – 29.99% and line amounts ranging from $500 to $50,000. lower fees require payment automatic and most line amounts will be $25,000 or less. For example, a $5,000 transaction with a 36-month term and an annual interest rate of 19.99% requires a monthly payment of $187.90. The APR in your draw may be higher or lower. Your rate, line amount, and default term depend on maintaining a qualified credit score, your credit usage history, amount requested, and other factors. the upgrade card allows you to obtain a series of closed loans that you can access through transactions such as card purchases up to the amount of the approved line. it is not a traditional credit card.

4 the upgrade card cannot be used at an ATM.

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5 With upgrade purchases powered by dosh® you get cash back on qualifying purchases at participating merchants. To see the current list of participating merchants and offers, go to Update Purchases in your account dashboard. participating merchants and offer terms may change from time to time without notice. After a qualifying purchase has cleared, your cash back will generally be applied to your balance within 90 days. cash back rewards applied to your balance will not satisfy or reduce your regular monthly payments. if you return, chargeback, cancel, dispute, or request a refund for a qualifying purchase for which you already received cash back for upgrade purchases, we reserve the right to remove any related cash back amounts from your card update or retain future cash. to cover such amount. To opt out of the upgrade purchase program, email upgrade customer support at [email protected] Please note that an opt-out is permanent and will apply to any upgrade purchase accounts you have at the time of such opt-out and any new accounts you may open in the future through the upgrade that are eligible for upgrade purchases. upgrade (i.e., such new account will not be enrolled in the upgrade purchase program and will not be able to accrue any rewards under this program on any of your existing or future accounts through the upgrade). For full cash back terms, please review dosh’s terms of service and dosh’s privacy policy.

if there are changes in your credit score or other risk factors based on a preliminary inquiry, or changes in market conditions, the availability of your remaining credit, the interest rate and the duration of the credit offered may be adjusted for future transactions. the terms of your existing balances will never change. you will be given the opportunity to agree to new terms before requesting future transactions if you wish to continue using your line. transactions will be subject to a minimum withdrawal amount, which is determined based on the total availability of your line. There is no minimum draw amount when you use the upgrade card. Depending on the amount you spend in total, we may ask you to confirm a new line agreement to continue providing you with additional credit.

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